In Doers We Trust – Fiverr challenges dreamers

Online marketplace Fiverr has launched “In Doers We Trust,” a brand advertising campaign articulating the ethos of Fiverr’s current bootstrapping entrepreneur members – heroizing them – with the goal of bringing more into the fold. The campaign, online at, positions Fiverr to seize today’s emerging zeitgeist of entrepreneurial flexibility, rapid experimentation, and doing more with less. The “In Doers We Trust” campaign is designed to push against bureaucratic overthinking, analysis-paralysis, and excessive whiteboarding. Fiverr is reaching out to both entrepreneurs and those needing their services, connecting people through a marketplace for creative and digital services, including graphic design, copywriting, voiceovers, and music and film editing. Fiverr’s mission is to democratize lean entrepreneurship by giving entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses and even enterprises the resources they need to get things done quickly, flexibly and fearlessly so that they can thrive in the new economy.

Fiverr In Doers We Trust print ad - Dreamers Kindly Step Aside

“What became clear in our research is that Fiverr users take great pride in being entrepreneurs and identify powerfully with an ideology of lean entrepreneurship,” explains Doug Cameron, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of DCX Growth Accelerator. “If you are an entrepreneur, Fiverr is indispensable in that it allows you to compete with much larger businesses. You can use Fiverr to design your logo, build your website, create a video that explains your product, translate this into dozens of languages, and so on, and do this at ten times the speed that it would take a big, bureaucratic company to do it.”

Adds Peggy de Lange, Fiverr Vice President of Corporate Marketing, “ ‘In Doers We Trust’ communicates in a powerful, no-holds-barred way the values and approach our community members and so many others bring to the activity of entrepreneurship. It’s an expression of our worldview, and we see it as a rallying cry for millions in our community while building awareness among the countless others that share the same outlook.”

“Entrepreneurs tend to have an antiestablishment streak, and we wanted to really push this tonally in the creative,” DCX Executive Creative Director Tommy Noonan explains. “The campaign’s photographers, Platon and Sandro, really embraced this, as did Ryan Hope, our director, who is something of a punk rocker at heart himself.”

Fiverr In Doers We Trust print ads
Fiverr In Doers We Trust print ad - Thinking Big
Fiverr In Doers We Trust print ad - Thinking Big
Fiverr In Doers We Trust print ad - We believe in community
Fiverr In Doers We Trust print ad - We believe in quality

Fiverr In Doers We Trust Credits

The Fiverr In Doers We Trust campaign was developed at DCX Growth Accelerator by CCO Doug Cameron, executive creative directors Al Kelly and Tommy Noonan, strategy director Laurent Bouaziz, producers Matt Bonin and Peter Ostella, designer Christopher Lee, account director Sarah Haman, working with Fiverr CEO/founder Michael Kaufman, corporate marketing VP Peggy de Lange, global head of creative Tomer Inbar, global head of digital Chris Lane.

Filming was shot by director Ryan Hope via The Directors Bureau with executive producers Lisa Margulis and Sue Yeon Ahn, line producer Caleb Omens, and production designer JC Molina.

Photographs used in the OOH and digital are by Platon (known for his shots of such world leaders as Putin (on Time Magazine’s Person of the Year cover) and Obama, and Sandro, winner of Saatchi & Saatchi Best New Director award in 2011, 200 Best Photographers by American Photography (2015, 2014, 2013) and more.