IKEA Best Day is Everyday

IKEA Australia is promoting the Autumn 2017 catalogue with “The Best Day Is The Everyday”, an advertising campaign featuring the LUDDE sheepskin rug family and their playful puppy BOLMEN step stool. Narrated by Swedish actress Lena Endre, the IKEA Best Day is Everyday commercials are designed to inspire Australians to rediscover the fun and happiness in everyday life at home. The DEKAD alarm clock, Charmtroll squeaky toy, DJURA rubberwood bed tray, the ÄNGSLILJA queen quilt cover set, GJORA bed frame, VARV table lamp, MALM set of 6 drawers, SALTBAK rug, FLADIS basket, POÄNG rocking chair, IKEA 365+ mug, are all props in this Saturday morning lie-in scenario. LUDDE provides seven tips for good sleep and great mornings, including the one featured in the commercial, making coffee for your loved ones. The Autumn campaign follows on from the 2016 Summer campaign using the same concept promoting outdoor living, this time with the THORINE guitar cushion, ÄPPLARÖ reclining chair, VARDAGEN carafe with lid and glasses, SOCKER plant pot and GESTALTA artist’s dummy.

IKEA Best Day is Everyday - Luddes have coffee in bed

IKEA Best Day is Everyday Credits

The IKEA Best Day is Everyday campaign was developed at The Monkeys by chief creative officer Scott Nowell, creative director Barbara Humphries, senior copywriters Tim Pashen and James Harvey, creative team Katyana O’Neill and Renee Bryant, group content director Humphrey Taylor, senior content director Kelly Howard, senior content manager Lauren Shelley, head of planning Michael Hogg, planner Charlotte Marshall, head of TV Thea Carone and senior producer Penny Brown, working with IKEA Australia national marketing manager Kristin Bengtsson, national external communications & media manager Peter Moore, marketing communications specialist Joanna Roberts, interior design leader Christine Gough, interior design leader Melissa McInnes.

Media was handled at Mindshare.

Filming for the Autumn commercial was shot by directors/puppeteers Jonny&Will (Jonny Sabbagh and Will Harper) via BlinkInk and Finch with model maker/puppeteer Alexander Berchert, director of photography Lachlan Milne, executive producers Bart Yates and Corey Esse, producer Kev Harwood, line producer Marge McInnes, production manager Daisy Bray, storyboard artist James Coe, and set designer Arthur De Norman. Editor was Ryan Boucher at The Editors with senior producer Daniel Fry. Visual effects were produced at Finch Post with VFX producer Hazel Gibson, Head of VFX Andy Timms, on-set VFX supervisor Quade Biddle, VFX artist Jonte Wendt, and colourist Tristan La Fontaine.

Filming for the Summer 2016 commercial was shot by director Lachlan Dickie via Rabbit with director of photography Geoffrey Simpson, executive producers Lucas Jenner and Alex Hay, and puppeteer Paul Trefry at Creature NFX Workshop. Editor was Drew Thompson at ARC EDIT with executive producer Joseph Perkins. Visual effects were produced at Blackbird by VFX supervisor Nicholas Ponzoni, executive producer Sam Hall and colourist Scott Mclean.

Sound and music were produced at Song Zu by sound designer Abby Sie (Autumn 2017), sound designer Myles Lowe (Summer 2016), composer Ramesh Sathiah and executive producer Katrina Aquilia.

Music, “Boyfriend (Repeat)” by Brisbane band Confidence Man, was licensed at Level Two Music.

IKEA Best Day is Everyday - Luddes Tip 2 - make coffee for your loved ones