Home with Poett Fraganza

FCB Buenos Aires and Clorox Argentina have launched “Casa” (Home), a suspense-laden commercial for Poett Fraganza. Poett is a fabric perfume designed to be applied to clothes, tapestries, curtains, towels, bed sheets and car upholstery. For the first time in the brand’s advertising history, Poett has been presented as the central prop in a compelling narrative. A woman wanders around her neighbourhood in the twilight hours, using a Poett spray bottle to place a fragrant scent on outdoor furniture and fabrics. Back at home she joins her daughter who is clearly troubled by something. Finally the storyline is resolved (a lost dog), and the significance of the welcome home mat is revealed.

Poett Fraganza Home

Lulo Calió, executive creative director at FCB Buenos Aires, talks about the dynamics behind the development of the Home commercial:

“To achieve results like this, good teamwork is as important as the idea itself. So you can tell a story that takes us with its own rhythms and an intimate tone and that is clearly achieved with the conviction of the whole team: customer, agency and producer.”

Federico Garcia Tiberti, marketing manager for Fragrances & Cleaning Utensils at Clorox, comments:

“At Poett we believe that through our fragrances we have the possibility to share inspiring stories like the one we are telling today. This creates a very strong connection between our consumers and the brand reinforcing its primary objective: to be able to awaken our senses through unique fragrances “.

Poett Fraganza Credits

The Poett Fraganza home campaign was developed at FCB Buenos Aires, Argentina, by president Santiago Puiggari, executive creative director Lulo Calio, creative director Sebastian Visco, copywriter João Oliveira, art director André Soares, agency executive producer Gabriel Lancioni, agency producer Maximiliano Ibarra, VP account director Luciano Landajo, account executive Manuela Bastanchuri, working with Clorox Group marketing team Guido Di Risio, Federico Garcia Tiberti, Mariana Peirano.

Filming was shot by directors/editors Clan (Nicolas Uboldi and Federico Telerman) via Mu Films with executive producer Guido Rutenberg, producer Juan Curcio, assistant director Cristian Trebotic, director of photography Leo Tamer, art director Toni Pippo, set designer Natalia Bon and post producer Jaqueline Eckerdt.

Sound and music were mixed at Twins Music.