Groupama Safest Route connected in France

Groupama, an insurance company in France, has launched Le Trajet Le Plus Sur, (The Safest Route), a free road safety platform based on government data relating to road accidents. Online at and a mobile app, the Safest Route platform is able to generate and compare two itineraries in just a few clicks, providing the fastest route, traditionally suggested by GPSs and the safest route, one that is statistically the least dangerous. Drivers can see the difference in travel time between the two routes and choose one with full knowledge. For example, in Paris, to get to Gare de Lyon from the Eiffel Tower, the fastest route would take 19 minutes and accounts for 129 more accidents than the less dangerous route (24 minutes). The Safest Route project is being promoted with film, radio and print advertising, and dedicated digital terminals will become available at participating Groupama locations allowing members to test this new service.

Groupama Safest Route poster - bed

Groupama CEO Thierry Martel says: “I am thrilled with the launch of the platform. This innovative tool is a down to earth example of Groupama’s pioneer and mutualist spirit. We are constantly listening to our members, looking for solutions to make their daily lives easier. is the answer to a road safety need that was identified. One of those everyday things that concerns many people! Now our ambition is to make this service available to all, members of Groupama and nonmembers alike, and hope that it can be recommended by road transport professionals, integrated into the future updates of leading GPS brands… to benefit road safety for all French people.”

Safest Route Open Data

In order for this service to be reliable and effective, official government data pertaining to traffic accidents for the past seven years have been mapped in with their precise geolocation. All accidents leading to personal injuries requiring both police and firemen intervention were included. Based on statistics, an algorithm was developed from this data, identifying the roads that are less likely to experience accidents as long as they do not add more than 20% additional driving time on average to daily trips. It is a collaborative website; each user is encouraged to save their trip and share it on various social media platforms. More drivers using the safest route will improve everyone’s safety.

Groupama Safest Route poster - bed
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Groupama Safest Route poster - Insured Road

Safest Route Credits

The Safest Route campaign was developed at Marcel, Paris, by CEOs Charles Georges Picot and Pascal Nessim, creative chair Anne de Maupeou, chief creative officers Dimitri Guerassimov and Fabien Teichner, creative director Remy Aboukrat, copywriter Gaetan du Peloux, art director Youri Guerassimov, digital art director Eulalia Bartolomeu, managing partner & CSO Nicolas Levy, partner Blandine Mercier, project managers Valentin Moreau and Lucas Sengler, strategic planner Sarah Lemarie, PR officer Nathalie Roland, social media manager Nicolas Plasmondon, account director Alexandre Kobylko working with Groupama communication director Sylvain Burel, brand director Antoine Stattner and communication manager Perle Sun

Safest Route technology was developed at Marcel x ETO by CTO Louis Da Silva, UX director Vincent Mayol, front end developers Diono Corbel, Paul Vanlerberghe and Eric Beaufol, back end developers Charles Coulais and Edgar Lacouture, technical manager Maximilien Borne.

Filming was produced at Prodigious and Kuest Prod by director Manu G. Cuesta (Kuest Prod), editor Mikael Arslanyan (Prodigious), motion designer Mikael Arslanyan (Prodigious), sound producers Boris Nicou, Boris Jeanne, Thomas Corbel and Elodie Siliart (Prodigious), sound engineer Fabien Cornec (Prodigious). Voiceover on radio was Ombeline de la Teyssonière.

Print ads were produced at Prodigious by photographer Alain Cornu, art buyer Flore Silberfeld, producers Constance de Gourlet and Suzanne Pereira Dias, retouching team David Verduci, Quentin Le Roch, Mathieu Andrieu and Karine Villalon.