Ford MAX Motor Dreams

Ford in Spain is promoting the Max vehicle range with “Max Motor Dreams”, a baby crib that reproduces the movements, lights and sounds of a parent’s car. Parents are able to use an app to collect data from different routes as they drive, to be replicated later for the sake of their sleeping children at home. Online at, the campaign invites potential customers to take a test drive in a Max and go in the draw for their crib. “When it seems that everything is lost, we have that last wildcard we trust, the run-run of the engine, the movements, the curves, the lights of the roads. But why move from the living room if we can do it in a click? Imagine that your baby’s crib, controlled by an app, was able to reproduce the most calming routes to your baby. The route of going to the village to see the grandparents, the tour of when we go to see the cousins, wander through the center…”

Max Motor Dreams baby

Max Motor Dreams

Ford MAX Motor Dreams Credits

The Ford MAX Motor Dreams project was developed at GTB España and Ogilvy & Mather by executive creative director Paulo Areas, creatives Javier Martínez and Pablo Fernández, production assistant Fernando Albor, experience design director Paloma Adrién, digital team Rubén Martín, Celia Fernández, account executives María Alcalá and Yoyes Peruyero, account manager Paula Vizcaíno, account supervisor Marta Baquero,

Development and technology was produced at Espadaysantacruz Studio, powered by Raspberry Pi, Python & Dynamixel motors.

Music is by TDL Music.

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