Edeka Eatkarus learns to fly

German supermarket brand Edeka is running “Eatkarus”, the story of a boy (Joseph Harmon) who dreams of flying and discovers the significance of food choices. The Edeka Eatkarus commercial was inspired by the Greek myth of Icarus and Daedalus, whose escape from the labyrinth of Crete was made possible with wings of feathers and wax. The story of Eatkarus shows the boy raised in an environment of obesity fuelled by gray splodge. His discovery of a bird through the window sparks a dream of flying. In the mountains he discovers the bird’s secret. “Iss wie der, der du sein willst”, is translated in English as “Eat like the one you want to be”. Edeka’s action site,, provides daily tips for diet, a body mass index calculator, and the Eatkarus film.

EDEKA Eatkarus

Edeka Eatkarus Credits

The Edeka Eatkarus campaign was developed at Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg.

Filming was shot by director Alex Feil via Tempomedia with director of photography Carlo Jelavic.

Music is “All I Can Do”, by Ben Kendrick.

EDEKA Eatkarus with wings

All I Can Do Lyrics

Why does life sometimes feel so wrong
like running in circles and you don’t belong?
I always knew that this day would come
It’s time to break free, meet me on the run.
But what am I really running from?
And I look up to the open sky,
hopes in my heart,
dreams in my eye.
Will I ever make it right this time?

And all I can do
And all I can do
And all I can do is try

I hear the sound of change,
it’s everywhere they’re tryin’ to hold me down,
but I don’t care whatever they say, I believe in me.
Why am I the only one to see?
I won’t give up and I won’t give in.
Where it ends is where I begin
But am I really, am I really strong enough?

And all I can do
And all I can do
And all I can do is try