David Lynch Foundation Sounds of Trauma

The David Lynch Foundation is raising awareness of its programs for war veterans with post traumatic stress disorder, with “Sounds of Trauma”. The “Sounds of Trauma” commercial is designed to help families and friends of returned veterans get a sense of what it’s like to have memories triggered by everyday sounds. Sudden noises, such as balloon pops, can be startling for any of us. But for a returned veteran those sounds can take them back immediately to the battlefield. The David Lynch Foundation uses transcendental meditation to help those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder get back to a happy, healthy, productive life. Sounds of Trauma illustrates, in a poignant way, how difficult it is to get rid of the disorder and how necessary and valuable all of our support and the Foundation’s work is.

Sounds of Trauma commercial - gunner

Sounds of Trauma commercial - balloons

Sounds of Trauma Credits

The Sounds of Trauma campaign was developed at Herezie Group, Paris, by executive creative director Baptiste Client, digital creative director Aurélie de Villeneuve, creatives Joseph Dubruque, Axel Didon, and Raphael Stein, agency producer Barbara Vaira, COO Pierre Callegari, CEO Andrea Stillacci, managing partners Edouard De Pouzilhac, Thomas Couteau, associate director Arno Pons.

Filming was shot in Montreal and New York by director Yan Dal Santo via Morrison, Toronto, (a Mile Inn boutique) with producer Leanne McLellan, production manager/colourist Mike Kircsh, and director of photography Adam Crosby. Post production was by Daniel J Kelly at The Faculty. Sound was designed and mixed at Apollo Studios by Pascal Desjardin and Yan Dal Santo.