Cadillac Carry at the Oscars

GM brand Cadillac has run four commercials in association with the 89th Academy Awards, “Carry”, “Pioneers” and “Pedestal”. The Cadillac Carry commercial, one of the most talked about Oscars ad, focuses on an America with a shared commitment to carry one another, despite differences. “We are a nation divided. That’s what they tell us, right? This chasm between us. But what they don’t tell you, what doesn’t make the news, is this. Maybe what we carry isn’t just people, it’s an idea, that while we’re not the same, we can be one, and all it takes is the willingness to dare.” Footage of protests, rescues and community celebrations is presented alongside historical shots of Muhammad Ali, Marilyn Monroe and Dwight Eisenhower and classic Cadillac models.

Cadillac Carry commercial

One ad, called “Pedestal,” features the Escala concept car. Another ad called “Pioneers” spotlights technology used in Cadillac vehicles. A fourth ad is dedicated to the CTS-V.

Cadillac Carry Credits

The Cadillac Carry commercial was developed at Publicis New York by chief creative officer Andy Bird, executive creative director John Kenney, chief production officer Lisa Bifulco, executive producer Anthony Garetti, producer Justine Palivoda, chief executive officer Carla Serrano, managing director Adam Hunt, strategy directors Ben Zumsteg and Patrick White, music supervisor Rachel Rauch, group account director Emily Shahady and account director James Bundy.

Editor was Jay Rabinowitz at Lost Planet with executive producer Krystn Wagenberg and producer Felix Cabrera.

Visual effects were produced at Black Hole. Colorist was Tom Poole at Company 3.

Sound was produced at Sound Lounge. Music is “Climb” from the score of “The Mission”, by Ennio Morricone.

Further Credits

Pedestal and Pioneers were developed at Rokkan by chief creative officer Brian Carley, associate creative director Noel Nickol, creative directors Billy Veasey, Bill Carlson, Mario Stipinovich, senior art director Steff Wilson. Production was by Independent Media.