Buick Not So Pee Wee Football

Buick’s 2017 Super Bowl advertising campaign “Not So Pee Wee Football”, features NFL most valued player Cam Newton and supermodel Miranda Kerr alongside two teams of Pee Wee football players and their supporters. The Buick Not So Pee Wee Football spot takes place at a Pee Wee football game where two dads are in the stands watching their kids play. As a Buick Sport Red Cascada ST pulls into the parking lot, one of the men says, “Check out that Buick!” with delight. The other dad says, “If that’s a Buick, then my kid is Cam Newton.” The football game, of course, picks up with a new injection of muscle and experience. A Buick Encore SUV arrives toward the end of the commercial, with the coach of the “Sharks” saying, “If that’s a Buick, then I’m a supermodel.” He then turns into Kerr. The campaign, online at buick.com/biggame, is designed to reset expectations about Buick’s modern vehicles, particularly the Encore SUV and Cascada convertible and provokes viewers with its “That’s a Buick?” theme.

Buick Not So Pee Wee Football

Not So Pee Wee Football Campaign

“Buick is experiencing unprecedented sales success and consumer awareness backed by remarkable third-party quality and reliability validation,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of Global Buick Sales, Service and Marketing. “Our latest vehicles like the Encore and Cascada belong in the spotlight on a global stage only the Super Bowl can offer.”

“Every time I take the field, I aim to shatter traditional expectations of the quarterback position,” said Newton. “Buick’s doing the same thing with this ad, and I think everyone watching will love it. It was so fun going back to the Pee Wee field with such great kids.”.

Buick Not So Pee Wee Football Credits

The Buick Not So Pee Wee Football campaign was developed at Engage M-1 / Leo Burnett Detroit, by creative directors Steve Glinski, Tim Thomas, Christopher Handyside, associate creative director/art director Stephen Kerry, associate creative director/copywriter Matt Perry, group account directors Brian McCallum and Yanlin Sun, director if integrated production Brian Dooley, executive producer Tom Hillebrand.

Filming was shot by director Erich Joiner via Tool of North America.

Editor was Paul Martinez at Arcade Edit with executive producer Crissy DeSimone, managing partner Damian Stevens, head of production Kirsten Thon-Webb, senior producer Rebecca Jameson and assistant editor Pete D’Andrea.

Visual effects were produced at Timber by creative directors Jonah Hall and Kevin Lau, executive producer Sabrina Elizondo, senior producer Megan Kennedy, lead Flame artist Christopher DeCristo, Flame artist Mark Loso, Flame assistant Austin Lewis, nuke artists Nick Hiegel, Eric Almeras, Robert Williams, Eduardo Anton. CG tracking was done at Match the Motion LLC by Matthew Merkovich. Rotoscoping was done at Rotomaker LLC. Colour was produced at Shed.

Sound was produced at Eleven Sound by sound designer and mixer Jeff Payne, executive producer Melissa Elston, assistant mixers Jordan Meltzer and AJ Murrillo.