ASDA Best Christmas Ever

Asda has launched its 2017 festive campaign, “Best. Christmas. Ever.”. “Imaginarium”, the commercial at the heart of the Asda Best Christmas Ever campaign, gives viewers a behind-the-scenes glance into the magical world where Asda Christmas treats are created. Set to the iconic track ‘Don’t Stop’ by Fleetwood Mac, the 60” TVC follows a young girl and her grandfather, who sneak into the Christmas Asda headquarters, the Imaginarium, revealing the secrets behind the iconic seasonal ranges and products available in store this festive season. As we follow their journey through weird and wonderful rooms, we discover magical machines, enchanting experiments and the imaginative ways in which Asda will ensure the Best. Christmas. Ever.: from reindeers powering a ginormous food mixer to make Christmas puddings, to canapés and mince pies being assembled by tiny Asda Imaginarium workers, and Christmas Smash Igloo cakes being tested by strapping weightlifters – the ranges offer creativity, innovation and quality. A captivating place with a surprise in every corner – a giant pop-up Christmas cookbook snaps opens to reveal two real life Asda chefs preparing the iconic Christmas meal of roast turkey with all the trimmings, including this year’s special Wagyu dripping roast potatoes. We also catch a glimpse into a futuristic gin room where truffles are being infused with gin by a giant ‘gin laser’. Their expedition comes to its fruition when Walter, the factory’s security guard shows them what other adventures lie in store for them, revealing the whole of the Imaginarium in all its glory.

Asda Best Christmas Ever commercial

The ASDA Best Ever Campaign

Four further 30” adverts will be rolled out over the festive period, which will reveal more mysteries of the Asda Imaginarium. These spots will focus on four key festive shopping moments: Gifting, Home Decorations, Parties & Gatherings and ‘the Big Shop’. The Gifting film will also feature a panel of children selecting toys either as ‘fun’ or ‘boring’, highlighting the ‘Chosen by Kids’ range at Asda, where only the little ones have a say in what makes the cut. Each of the 30” spots will be supported on TV with 10” ads that focus on the essential Christmas staples such as turkey and vegetables and party food. These ads will highlight Asda’s amazing prices and deals, echoed in 6” YouTube bumpers.

Asda Best Christmas Ever commercial

Asda will engage dynamic technology to create tailored Trueview videos, taking audience search terms and linking them thematically with relevant Asda messaging. These will bring contextual relevance to the 6” YouTube Christmas bumpers, and will be supplemented with short-form 2” content and carousel ads on Facebook. The campaign will also feature an innovative, gamified Snapchat filter, where people can become the striped weightlifters from the ad.

Asda Best Christmas Ever commercial

Behind the campaign

Andy Murray, Chief Marketing Officer at Asda, said: “Earlier in the year we held sessions with our customers to get feedback on our Christmas range. As we talked to them about Christmas we could see how much joy and happiness planning their Christmas brought them – we knew we wanted to reflect that in our ad. When we saw their reactions to our food – the way it surprised them and made them smile – as well as the incredible pride and attention to detail our product developers had put into creating it, the inspiration for the Imaginarium was born.”

Eilidh Macaskill, Asda’s Vice President Creative and Media, explains: “By Combining CGI animation and some spectacular real life venues, the ad and the wider campaign is a love letter to our customers and products.”

Sara Rose, Group Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi London added: “Although the campaign has a fantastical element to it, our stories are firmly rooted in what Asda has to offer shoppers this Christmas, from old favourites to inventive new treats like gin infused chocolates and massive Christmas puddings. Our first thought was “how do they come up with these things?” And the campaign just grew from there.”

Asda Best Christmas Ever Credits

The Asda Best. Christmas. Ever campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi London by chief creative officer Kate Stanners, group creative director Sara Rose, art director Cece Chu, copywriter Ryan Price, designer Teresa Goncalves, planning director Paul Hackett, account team Danny Josephs, Andy Chisholm, Jennie Gundill, Natasha Griffiths, Patrick Boyce and Walter Bayliss, agency producers Maja McIntosh and Georgie Ford.

Media was handled at Blue 449.

Filming was shot by duo Los Perez via Blink with producer Ewen Brown.

Editor was Joce Hockings at TenThree with producer Zoe Hockings.

Post production was done at MPC by VFX supervisor Bevis Jones and producer Annabel Bennett.

Audio post production was done at 750mph.

Music, “Don’t Stop”, performed by Fleetwood Mac, was licensed at One More Music Company.