Apple Sway romance in Prague

Apple’s engagement in the festive season has begun with “Sway”, a commercial set in the snow-laden streets of Prague. The Apple Sway commercial shows a man and a woman bumping into each other in the street, launching into a fantastic dance inspired by Sam Smith’s track, “Palace” on a shared pair of wireless AirPods, powered by an iPone X. “Move someone this holiday”. The magic is turned on with a switch from the busy daylight scenes of Prague to deserted streets filled with flurries of snow and Christmas lights. The two dancers are real-life married couple Lauren Yalango-Grant and Christopher Grant from New York City. The title “Sway”, could be linked with the Dean Martin 1954 hit of the same name. “Other dancers may be on the floor, dear, but my eyes will see only you. Only you have the magic technique. When we sway I go weak.”

Apple Sway in Prague

Apple Sway Credits

The Apple Sway campaign was developed at TBWA/Media Arts Lab.

Filming was shot on location in Prague by director Sam Brown via Imperial Woodpecker with director of photography Franz Lustig, producer Timory King, production designer Quito Cooksey.

Local production in Prague was by Unit+Sofa.

Music is “Palace” by Sam Smith.