Apple Portraits – Take Mine

Apple has launched “Take Mine”, a commercial promoting the depth-of-field effects made possible with the portrait setting on the iPhone 7 Plus camera app. Released during TV coverage of the Golden Globe awards, the commercial features a young woman visiting her grandmother (ya ya or yia yia) in a Greek village. When she uses her iPhone 7 to take her grandmother’s portrait the effect is so pleasing that the whole village takes a shine to their new photographer, including the postman, the baker, the musician with his lavouto, the fishermen, the priest with his kitten, the barber, the shepherd with his crook, and the local children. Time and time again she uses her iPhone’s portrait mode to sharpen her subjects’ faces and blur their backgrounds. The Apple Portraits Take Mine commercial ends with a connection to Apple’s “Practically Magic” tagline. Of course, this young woman also takes into account location, posture and lighting to achieve the best results.

Apple Portraits Take Mine commercial

Pro Tips for Using Portrait Mode

The Apple Portraits “Take Mine” commercial is connected with an online page of pro photo tips for using Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus. Using both 12-megapixel cameras on iPhone 7 Plus and advanced machine learning, Portrait mode applies a depth-of-field effect to make your foreground subject sharp while creating a beautifully blurred background. This effect, also known as “bokeh” and previously only capable on DSLR cameras, turns the camera you carry around with you everyday into an even more powerful photography tool.

Apple Portraits Take Mine Credits

Filming was shot in South Peloponnese, Greece, by Christopher Riggert via Biscuit Filmworks with production designer Erwin Prib, art director Atheneia Spiliotakos. Local production in Greece was by Central Athens Film Productions.

Editor was Rex Lowry at Exile Editorial.

Visual effects were produced at Saint.

Music is “Pame sti Honolulu” by the Bezos Hawaiian Orchestra.