You never lamb alone with Australian diversity

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has launched its marketing push for spring lamb, tying together the tagline “You never lamb alone” with the quest for respectful cultural diversity in Australia. The commercial at the heart of the campaign addresses criticism that the lamb brand was associated with discrimination in the Australia Day 2016 commercial, Operation Boomerang. This time every effort is being made to represent the diversity found in Australian society. Television presenter Luke Jacobz, the iconic white guy, is morphed into a range of figures three Aboriginal names: Olympian Cathy Freeman, rugby league player Greg Inglis, and model Samantha Harris. They’re joined by Greek-transgender comedian Jordan Raskopoulos, Bengali-Australian actor Arka Das, and a long list of Australian extras, in a nod to the Screen Australia study on cultural diversity, disability and LGBTQI representation in Australian television drama broadcast over the last five years.

You Never Lamb Alone diversity ad

You Never Lamb Alone Campaign

The spring 2016 You never lamb alone campaign is running across TV, social, and out of home (OOH). In-language social media posts have been created to tailor its communications to languages other than English for the first time. The 90-second content will be shared across Facebook and YouTube, and the lamb message will also be spread across WeChat and Weibo to further engage Australia’s Chinese community. MLA has also used UM’s proprietary tool Dimple (Diversity in Media: Planning Language & Ethnicity) to inform a multi-language News Limited Community Press partnership and high-impact OOH digital display activity. Focusing on areas with diverse backgrounds, the campaign aims to spread unique messages linking lamb to diversity around sexuality, culture and language with Arabic, Vietnamese, Mandarin and Cantonese translations. The OOH MOVES will also speak to the sight impaired community with specific braille placements in key metro sites. On top of this the MLA will also launch ‘Lamb Get Togethers’, which centre around pop-up dining. Chef and lamb lover George Calombaris and a series of influencers will host their events and spread the message across their channels, as they encourage people to get involved. All of these activities will be partnered with a below-the-line and point-of-sale push.

You Never Lamb Alone diversity ad
Lamb the meat that doesn't discriminate

You Never Lamb Alone Credits

The You Never Lamb Alone campaign was developed at The Monkeys by executive creative director Scott Nowell, creative director Grant Rutherford, copywriter Tim Pashen, senior producer Abby Hunt, senior art director Barbara Humphries, producer Caroline David, planning director Michael Hogg, managing director Matt Michael, content director Katie Wong-Hee, content manager Victoria Zourkas, head of production Thea Carone, senior account director Jessica Silver, account director Katie Raleigh, account manager Lauren Waverley, senior account executive Taylor York, account executive Duncan Fredericks, working with MLA group marketing manager Andrew Howie and brand manager Matthew Dwyer.

Filming was shot by director Paul Middleditch via Plaza Films with executive producers Peter Masterton and Caroline David, director of photography Daniel Ardilley.

Editor was Peter Whitmore at The Editors. Colourist was Christine Trodd.

Sound and music were produced at Song Zu, Sydney, by sound designer Simon Kane, composer Haydn Walker and producer Jess Bonney.