World Child Cancer Big C

International charity World Child Cancer is raising awareness of the differing impacts of cancer on children in the UK and the developing world with the help of a new commercial, “The Big C”. Two children from different backgrounds play with the same wooden block, which starts as a toy in the hands of the Western child. In 30 seconds, the block travels towards a child in Bangladesh, transforming into an enormous crate, growing progressively bigger and bigger as it makes its journey. The goal of this striking metaphor is to bring to life the fact that, in the UK, a child diagnosed with cancer has an 80 per cent chance of survival, whereas in Bangladesh, they have only 10 per cent.

World Child Cancer Big C block

Sound Behind The Scenes

The film was conceived and directed by director Steve Cope (2AM) working with his long-term collaborator, Grand Central sound designer Munzie Singh Thind. Together, Steve and Munzie are passionate about using sound design in order to tell stories, build emotion and grab the attention of audiences. This ongoing ambition was realized to great affect in their award-winning TV commercial, “Sensory Overload“, which uses distorted and disturbing sound design in order to highlight the sensory sensitivity issues experienced by people with autism.

The Big C opens with a child, from a seemingly British household, playing in her comfortable home with ABC wood blocks. The sound of a children’s TV programme is merrily murmuring in the background. Accompanied by soft taps of wooden blocks being stacked on top of each other. The child then pushes the stack so that one block begins a journey down the staircase. Transforming from a warm and welcoming environment to a dark and barren basement, the wooden block grows bigger as it bashes and collides with various obstacles on its course. The sound becomes progressively more threatening and intense. Eventually, it ends its journey with another child, in a very different environment. By using the audio view as the main storyteller, the sound highlights the dramatic journey of the block and the vast change of environment.


The World Child Cancer Big C commercial was developed at Technique, London, by art director Mick Brigdale, copywriter Kevin Baldwin and account director James Page.

Filming was shot by director Steve Cope via 2AM Films with executive producer Nick Crabb, producers Kirsty Dye and Alice Morris, production manager Gareth Crothers, directors of photography Denis Crossan and Clive Norman.

Sound was designed at Grand Central by sound designer Munzie Thind.

Offline editing was done at Stitch Editing by editor Phil Currie. Post production was done at Big Buoy by VFX supervisor Jim Allen and post producer Barney Wright. Colourist was Mark Meadows at Smoke & Mirrors. CGI was produced at Smoke & Mirrors.