We can teach each other

Dubai Cares promotional campaign “We can teach other” has won the Grand Prix for Good at the 2016 Dubai Lynx Awards. To get people to change the way they see charities, get involved and donate, Dubai Cares launched a skill exchange between the developed and the underdeveloped world. The exchange started over YouTube where kids living in poverty in Tanzania and Sri Lanka created DIY tutorials on how to create toys using everyday items such as plastic, cotton and wood. Each campaign video concludes with a message urging the community to empower the children by teaching them to read – providing them with education – through donating to Dubai Cares programs during the holy month of Ramadan. UAE residents were encouraged to take part in the creation of a crowdsourced alphabet book using the #IsFor hashtag on Instagram, while also tagging #DubaiCares. As the Dubai Cares YouTube videos picked up views, ads were launched featuring the same kids who created the tutorials.

I Can Teach You Too - Car - We can teach each other

The campaign, launched in time for Ramadan in June 2015, doubled contributions, raising millions of Dirhams to help educate kids living in poverty. Thousands of the crowdsourced alphabet books will be distributed in English, French and Arabic to the children who need them the most. The campaign also won Gold PR, Gold Branded Content & Entertainment, Gold Media, Silver Direct, Silver Promo & Activation.

The Dubai Cares ‘We Can Teach Each Other’ Ramadan campaign emphasizes the abundance of talent and resourcefulness amongst children in developing countries, as well as the responsibility of the international community to help empower these children through education. The campaign looks at a sample of children from different contexts in developing countries who showcase their life skills and aptitudes through making crafts such as wearable items and toys using various simple material such as disposable bags, old shoes, plastic and clothes, as well as natural resources such as tree leaves and twigs.

I Can Teach You Too - Car

Tariq Al Gurg, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Cares said: “Whether they are from the UAE or a developing community anywhere around the world, children are born with an innate desire to learn. Learning through playing and exploration, children find innovative ways to absorb new content and learn from their surrounding environment, thus building their creativity and confidence. However, millions of children are unable to complement their learning journey with basic literacy and numeracy, which form the foundation of their academic learning. As global citizens, it is our responsibility to help them harness this potential so that they can advance despite the handicaps induced by poverty, such as lack of resources and opportunities. Through the ‘We Can Teach Each Other’ Ramadan campaign, we aim to demonstrate the capabilities of these children while highlighting the creativity, curiosity and value that they can bring when given the right skills through education.”

The campaign also features the organization’s biggest social media campaign to date – #IsFor. It drives the creation of the first Instagram Alphabet book with the support of the UAE community. Residents of the UAE and people around the world are encouraged to post photographs of objects whose words start with each letter of the alphabet, such as an image of an apple and a description of “A #IsFor Apple” or an image of a bike “B #IsFor Bike” or a picture of a train “T #IsFor Train”, while also tagging #DubaiCares. As the campaign comes to an end, Dubai Cares will collate many of the images along with the profile pictures and usernames of the users who shared them in an Instagram Alphabet book, which will be distributed in English, Arabic and French in some of the organization’s beneficiary countries. Dubai Cares annual mall activity at The Dubai Mall also supported the creation of the book, giving shoppers a convenient way to donate during Ramadan.

I Can Teach You Too - Car
Dubai Cares Instagram - I Can Teach You Too how to make a car out of a plastic bottle
I Can Teach You Too - Kite
I Can Teach You Too - Lantern

I Can Teach You Too - Hat made of leaves
I Can Teach You Too - Ball made of plastic
I Can Teach You Too - Airplane
I Can Teach You Too - Fan made from string


The Dubai Cares We Can Teach Each Other campaign was developed at J Walter Thompson Dubai by regional creative director Richard Hol, associate creative director Carl Lundqvist, copywriter Adam Fierman, senior art director Mahmoud Alkhawajeh, senior copywriter Mouran Boutros, senior art director Mahesh Powar, account director Aarti ulkarni, planner Omar Elgammal, senior account executive Rula Hajjar, account executive Alaa Al Hai, chief creative operations officer Chadic Haddad, chief creative officer Ramsey Naja.

Media was handled at Mindshare MENA, and OMD Dubai.

Filming was produced at Muddville Dubai by director Jac Mulder. Photography was by David Deveson.

Music is “Africana” by UK-based composer Andy L, sourced via AudioSparx.