Vultures Warn You Act on Pollution

There are certain things that are always cast as villains – sharks, aliens, Helena Bonham Carter and supercomputers, just to name a few. In a new campaign for the Peruvian government and USAID, FCB Mayo threw traditional villain typecasting out the window by using the “harbinger of death,” vultures, as the heroes. The campaign, “Gallinazo Avisa” (Vultures Warn) enlisted the help of ten live vultures equipped with cameras and GPS to pinpoint polluted areas of Lima and help improve the capital’s environment. YouTube videos, posters and online sites connect the vultures with members of the public.

Vultures Warn - Gallinazo Avisa

Every time we look up at the pale gray Lima sky, there they are, flying overhead like shadowy lookouts. Vultures, those birds that provoke a certain feeling of distrust due to their ugly appearance and the fact that they scavenge through garbage, have now become our partners in the effort to improve Lima’s environment. Thanks to the Peruvian government, through the Ministry of Environment (MINAM), and support from the United States government, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Vultures Warn movement was launched within the framework of the “Pon de tu Parte” (Do Your Part) campaign.

Vultures Warn is an initiative to identify polluted areas of Lima and is being carried out by ten real vultures. These birds, which are equipped with ultra lightweight cameras and GPS, are already revealing the most intensely affected parts of the capital through the website and social media. The movement makes it possible to document the enormous amount of garbage found on the streets through photos and videos. It informs the public about the amount of garbage produced, how it should be handled, and recycling. It encourages people to join the Vulture Brigade by taking action on the ground.

“We promote this initiative for the purpose of raising awareness about the importance of solid waste management and garbage collection in the city, in order to encourage action and engagement in favor of the environment,” explained Peru’s Minister of Environment, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal.

The Vultures Warn Posters

The ten vultures have been given names and their own posters: Aella, Basan, Bennu, Elpis, Fenix, Grifo, Huggin, Nyx, Tiamat, and Turul.

Vultures Warn poster - Aella
Vultures Warn poster - Basan
Vultures Warn poster - Bennu
Vultures Warn poster - Elpis
Vultures Warn poster - Fenix
Vultures Warn poster - Grifo
Vultures Warn poster - Huggin
Vultures Warn poster - Nyx
Vultures Warn poster - Tiamat
Vultures Warn poster - Turul

Vultures Warn Online

If you’d like to be a “Land Vulture” and participate in this movement by reporting any piles of trash you see, and to help make Lima a less polluted city, register at (AVISA/WARN button) and join the conversation in social media using the hashtag #GallinazoAvisa. The campaign includes a
Facebook page,, Twitter page, @GallinazoAvisa and YouTube Channel

Vultures Warn site
Vultures Warn Facebook


Creative work on the Vultures Warn campaign was done at FCB Mayo by chief creative officer Humberto Polar, executive creative director Flavio Pantigoso, creative director/copywriter Daniel Sacristy, copywriter Silvia Angulo, art directors Pietro Soldi, Daniel Tomazini, Fernando Tirado, post production director Chiqui Castaño, account director Sandra Goicochea, account supervisor Max Torres, BTL production supervisor Tomás Cortés, chief operating officer Ricardo Ortiz, account executive Angela Chaparro, innovation director Alejandro Borasino, digital project manager Lorena Duarte, content manager Sharie Neira, working with

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Filming was shot by director Milovan Radovic via Kubrick with director of photography Jessica Steiner, assistant director Fernando Reategui, 2nd AD Oscar Altamirano, executive producer Juliet Kropivka, producer Rossana Velasco, technical producer Ronny Guevara, primary camera operator Pedro Rivas, drone operator Daniel Gárate, gaffer Justo Diestra, editors Daniel Ayllon, Milovan Radovic, and Claudia Yacarini.

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