Thomas Cook Cats on a Plane

Thomas Cook Airline has launched #CatsOnAPlane, a campaign featuring a team of furry testers trying out Thomas Cook Airline’s newly refurbished fleet. The animals were used to test the interiors of both Thomas Cook Airlines’ planes and those from sister airline, Condor, playing on the perception of them being creatures of comfort. The filming involved a 24-hour shoot with 10 cats – each with their own distinct personality – on an Airbus A330 and Boeing 767 at Manchester airport. Each short video features the cats exploring different areas of the planes, including Premium Economy for Thomas Cook Airlines UK and Business Class for Condor. The Thomas Cook Cats on a Plane campaign is designed to highlight the airline’s belief that customers “deserve better” when flying on their hard-earned holidays.

Thomas Cook Cats on a Plane

To ensure no cats came to harm on the shoot, vet Aniket Sardana was onsite for the full duration of filming.

Speaking of the campaign, Senior Group Marketing Manager at Thomas Cook Airlines, Tom Morey said: “No-one can assess comfort like a cat. They’re the hardest customers to please, which is why we wanted to test our new interiors with the best. And the results left the cautious kitties feline great.”

Discussing the launch, Catch’s Creative Director, Sam Chatwin added: “Cats are the undisputed champions of the internet. They’re fussy, demanding and know exactly what they want. What better way to put the airline’s service to the test. We love working with the team at Thomas Cook Airlines, they’re fearless and you can’t ask for more than that in a client.”

Thomas Cook Cats on a Plane Team

Quality Ken, 42, from Bristol
Favourite holiday activity: Lounging in the sun all day
Special skills: Looking grumpy no matter his mood
Testing brief: Lasting comfort on long haul direct flights

Quality Ken is a total cynic, he’s hard to impress and he knows it. He plays his cards close to his chest – he hates to show anyone what he’s really thinking… even if it’s good! Ken’s lived a quiet life, he’s the eldest of 18 brothers and sisters…always the most reliable. He doesn’t often let his hair down. Ken is one of those cats who’s ashamed of his feline instincts. Behaving cat-like demeans the air of authority he has worked so hard to achieve.

Thomas Cook Cats on a Plane Ken

Princess Pamper, 24, from Manchester
Favourite holiday activity: Pool side grooming
Special skills: Different eye colours for extra cuteness
Testing brief: Spacious wider seats

Princess Pamper (Pamps to her friends) is a lover of the finer things in life. She was chosen because she’s renowned for her demanding demeanor. For Pamps to be happy she requires a certain set of guidelines to be adhered to. If all her needs are met, it’s a smooth ride for everyone.

Thomas Cook Cats on a Plane - Pamper

The Stray Siblings, 10, from Glasgow
Favourite holiday activity: Making new friends and the cat club
Special skills: More energy than the Energizer bunny
Testing brief: Friendly and helpful cabin crew

Ben, Jane and Alice Stray are 3 siblings. They’re well known as the toughest, most challenging and rowdy bunch of testers… and they know it. They know how to push the buttons of Cabin Crew staff and truly how to stress test the friendly customer service.

Thomas Cook Cats on a Plane - Stray Siblings

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