Tell America It’s Great – Canada encourages USA

Canadians have been encouraging their neighbours with an advertising campaign, “Tell America It’s Great”, a response to Donal Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”. Toronto advertising agency The Garden has launched a website,, Facebook page, Twitter channel @staygr8america, Instagram account, supported by a 90 second film clip. The video features Canadians, including The Lovelocks, praising the United States. Canadians are encouraged to upload their own videos and Twitter posts with encouraging messages for Americans across the border. The campaign has had over 1.5 million social interactions and the campaign video has over 1.3 million views since its release on October 12, and spawned the response hashtag #TellCanadaThankYou.

Let's tell America it's great

“Hi America. What’s up America? Hey guys. We’re just up here in Canada talking about how great you are down there. We’re big fans. We know you guys. We know you’ve got some really big decisions to make. As you’re thinking about your future we just want you to know that you guys are great. You really are great. You invented the internet. You guys are going to get humanity to Mars. Your national parks systems protects some of the most beautiful places on Earth. All your diversity and all your openness. The fact that you’re such a giving nation, with over $250 billion a year is donated to charities. So wonderful and warm and accommodating. When things are tough, you fight to make them better. The disability rights movement in America is amazing. You are infectious. You know, America, I think you’re already great. You’re great, America. We all love you, and think you’ve always been great. Stay great, America.”

Tell America It’s Great Credits

“There’s been so much negativity in this election and with the outcome having the potential to impact our own country, we thought it was important to remind our American neighbours that we think that they are actually pretty great,” says Shane Ogilvie, Co-founder, The Garden. “While America may not be perfect, we still believe the good stuff far outweighs their challenges. That’s why, as some of their closest friends and neighbours, we wanted to take a minute to remind America just how great we think they are.” “Not only has this exceeded our wildest expectations but it has been incredibly gratifying for the whole team at The Garden, adds Shari Walczak, Co-Founder, The Garden. “It feels like we’ve facilitated a collective group hug between Canada and the U.S. when it’s needed most.”

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