TalkTalk FX Star on X Factor

TalkTalk is promoting its 10th year of sponsorship of British talent show The X Factor with ‘FX Star’ – an ambitious new twist on its popular user-generated idents campaigns. This year’s idents feature performances created at home by X Factor fans, using TalkTalk’s ‘FX Star’ app, also online at ‘FX Star’ allows users to create their own music videos, lip-syncing along to their favourite tracks, and adding a splash of glamour or comedy to their performances with fun filters such as ‘Apple Head’, ‘Party Paint’, ‘Comic Book’, ‘Glam Rock’, ‘Teddy Boys’ or ‘Flower Power’. The best videos to be submitted by the general public each week are selected to air on TV during The X Factor ad breaks. The TalkTalk FX Star app comes with five filters and three tracks: Zara Larsson’s ‘Lush Life’, Sigala’s ‘Give Me Your Love’, Birdy’s ‘Wild Horses’. The app allows groups of up to four people to feature in the same music video, meaning users can create and submit thousands of different combinations in a bid to star on TV.

TalkTalk FX Star Apple Head

David Parslow, TalkTalk Marketing Director, commented: “The TalkTalk X Factor ad breaks have become so iconic to the point that they’re almost synonymous with the show. Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of fans appear on TV, given away thousands of money-can’t-buy prizes and delighted thousands of TalkTalk customers with tickets to the show – giving fans the chance to see their favourite acts, judges and presenters live in action. This year’s FX Star is fun, current and entertaining. Like The X Factor, it celebrates the feel-good moments that bring people together and is a chance for our customers, and fans of the show, to enjoy sharing and showcasing their inner pop star.”

TalkTalk FX Star Credits

The TalkTalk FX Star campaign was developed at CHI&Partners by executive creative director Jonathan Burley, creative partner Micky Tudor, creative director Jim Bolton, creative Ben Da Costa, executive producer David Jones, producer Andy Roberts, executive digital director Stuart Holton, digital producer Gary Serradinho, production assistant Alfie Glover-Short, creative producer Ruby Hill, CEO Nick Howarth, CSO Neil Goodlad, planners Simon Ringshall and Katherine Barnett, business director Tom McCoy, account director Freddie Eaves, working with TalkTalk managing director Tristia Harrison, marketing director David Parslow, head of brand Mark Moloney, brand managers Andrew Mitchell, creative director/head of brand Paul Godfrey.

Digital work and app production was done at MPC Creative by executive producer Dan Phillips, interactive creative director Andre Assalino, lead producer Joana Flor, senior digital producer Joana Guimaraes, art director John Sunter, tech lead Dan Edgar, lead unity developers Tim Porteous and Leo Marques, developers Jim Offerman, Dennis Ippel and Vitor de Oliveira Castanheira, lead back-end developers Pedro Rocha and Miguel Silva, lead designer Gorkem Menekse, UX designer Ben Ellis, designers Michael Cosford and Matthew Bowron.

Visual effects were produced at MPC by VFX producer Luke Raffety, Flame artists Fraser Cleland and Marcus Dryden, motion design lead Will McNeil, 3D lead Mike Little, 3D artists Michelle Tolo, Amber Frisenda, Francesco Lupo, Akshay Sunil Wadwalkar, Debasish Raha, Ankan Sanyal, Sindhuja B, Ganesh Kumar S., Prashanth Paramasivam, Abhinandan Madhu, Jyoti Prakash Panda, Kunal Sarkar, Anbarasu E, Akshay Sunil Wadwalkar, Bibin Balan P, Ajai V John, Vaibhav Gupta, Debalina Dasgupta, Baskaran S, Priya Bandodkar, Ria Banerjee, SelvaKumar k, Inigo Vimal Roy, motion graphics designers Jess Gaynor, Alexis Williams, Michael Drayton.

Music was produced at Wake the Town by Dave Goulding. Sound was produced at Scramble Soho by sound designers Ollie Usher and James Lyme.