Stride Mad Intense Gum with Mouth

Stride Gum has released a new advertising campaign featuring an intense, irreverent and crucially-interactive Mouth character. The Stride Mad Intense Gum commercials feature The Mouth, a wild, outspoken, purple-hued character spreading the word about the Mad Intense, crunchy new selection of Stride Gum. “It’s Crunch Time” “Hey! Momma’s Home” and “Teenage Hero Club” are designed to be bold, irreverent, and fiercely fun, featuring off-the-wall characters, neon visuals, and eccentric animations that capture the Mad Intense, bold flavors consumers can expect from the new Stride Gum, including: Spearmint, Peppermint, LemonBerry, MeloPeach and IcyMint.

Stride Mad Intense Gum

“Hello and welcome to the regional semi-finals of the first annual ‘Mr. Gumuverse Crunch Championships’. Who will win? Only time will tell. And to pass that time, why not chew some NEW PEPPERMINT STRIDE? The gum that thinks enough is never enough, and the rules are; there are no rules. Except on Tuesdays, when the rules are the old rules, which are very relaxed. MAD INTENSE, but relaxed.”

“Momma’s home with some of her momma lemony goodness for baby berry. And baby berry wants to share it with Stride. And Stride wants you to chew on it. So we (and by we, I mean me, Larry the marketing intern) urge you to buy NEW LEMONBERRY STRIDE gum. And then just keep on watching this commercial over and over, again and again until your mom decides you can’t live in her basement anymore.”

“Captured on camera for the first time since you clicked on this video, it’s the NEW SPEARMINT STRIDE teenage hero club. They’ve come together for one reason and one reason only. And by the time you’ve read this description, you will have witnessed that reason. Magical, isn’t it? Makes you cry, doesn’t it? Well wipe away those tears and buy some STRIDE gum before everybody else sees this magic, eye wetting video and we sell out.”

Stride The Mouth Campaign

The campaign follows a Snapchat takeover by hip-hop artist, producer, and social media superstar DJ Khaled, who launched the new Stride gum on the platform. Khaled’s larger-than-life personality led a full day of “Mad Intense” antics on Snapchat, including the creation of an exclusive Stride Gum-themed track and cameos by The Mouth and fellow musician Kent Jones. On Day Two of the takeover, a bespoke Snapchat lens featuring The Mouth debuted on the platform as well, marking a special collaboration between Stride Gum and Snapchat that placed the brand at the forefront of social innovation.

The Stride Mad Intense Gum commercials and Khaled’s Snapchat takeover both precede Stride Gum’s debut of “Heaven Sent” on Saturday, July 30th, a historic event where professional skydiver Luke Aikins will jump from a plane at 25,000 feet with nothing but the clothes on his back, landing safely on the ground. Khaled promoted “Heaven Sent” during the Snapchat takeover and will serve as one of the interviewers and hosts of the event on July 30th. “Heaven Sent” will air exclusively in the U.S. on FOX at 8 p.m. ET/PT and is executive produced by Mondelēz International.

Stride Mad Intense Gum Credits

The Stride Mad Intense Gum campaign was developed at W+K London by creative directors Hollie Walker and Freddie Powell, creatives Paddy Treacy and Mark Shanley, Freddy Taylor and Andrew Bevan, executive creative directors Tony Davidson and Iain Tait, agency executive producer Danielle Stewart, TV producer Genevieve Sheppard, TV production assistant Tom Dean, group account director Andrew Kay, account director James McHoull, account manager Sophie Smith, planning director Andy Wright, planner Rachel Hamburger, working with Mondelez International head of brand equity Katie Williams, Stride brand manager Shannon McLardie, Stride media and content manager Jim Poon.

Filming was shot by director Theo Nunn via Lisbon Studio with executive producers Thomas Ormonde and James Lowrey, line producer Dom Thompson-Talbot, animators Rick Thiele and Mario Ucci.

Visual effects were produced at Glassworks by executive producer Duncan Buxton, producer Sonia Figuera, creative director Jordi Bares, 3D lead Alastair Hearsum, 3D artist Andreas Rohde, 2D lead Mark Holman-Harris, 2D artist Alex Pattinson, creative technologist/developer Xavi Tribó, software developer Claudia Daudén, 3D unity artist Carlos Diéguez, technology producer Clàudia Barbal.

Sound and music were mixed at String and Tins by sound designers Andy Stewart and Will Cohen.