Special Dog Knows Too Much

Special Dog, a pet food manufacturer in Brazil, normally focuses advertising on the sentimental relationship between humans, dogs and cats. Sao Paulo advertising agency DM9DDB has produced a creative and disruptive campaign exploring the companionship of dogs and the importance of offering the best dog food we have. Three films, Sofa, Widow and Bondage, show dog owners caught in intimate and personal situations that normally wouldn’t be shared with anyone.

Special Dog Knows Too Much. Feed Him Well.

Special Dog Credits

The Special Dog Knows Too Much campaign was developed at DM9DDB by chief creative officer Aricio Fortes, executive creative director Paulo Coelho, creative directors Gonzalo Ricca, Carlos Schleder, Adriano Alarcon, art director Rafael Segri and copywriter Filipe Medici.

Filming was shot by director Livia Gama via Bossa Nova Films.

Sound was produced at A9 Audio.