Samsung Why Cameos

Samsung used the the 2016 Academy Awards show as an opportunity to connect film stars with the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and Gear Virtual Reality experience. In 90 seconds Samsung presented cameos from rapper Lil Wayne, action film star Wesley Snipes, LA Clippers coach Doc Rivers, and Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden. William H. Macy, in the final cameo, takes us from the cake mixer in his kitchen to the virtual stage to present the new phone, before returning to his completed cake back at home. The Samsung Why commercial was launched along with two others, “Water” and “Dark”. “Why can’t you have a phone that has it all? Well now you can. Introducing the water-resistant, memory expanding, shoots flawlessly in low light phone.”

Samsung Why commercial featuring William H. Macy

Samsung Why Cameos Credits

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Why? commercial was developed at Wieden + Kennedy Portland by executive creative directors Mark Fitzloff and Joe Staples, creative directors Craig Allen and Jason Bagley, copywriters Andy Laugenour and Jarrod Higgins, art director Croix Gagnon and John Dwight, producer Alexei van Mourik and executive producer Marc Marrie, account team Mimi Kim and Phil Williams.

Filming was shot by director Matt Aselton via Arts & Sciences with director of photography Toby Irwin, integrated executive producer Erika Madison, line producer Zoe Odlum.

Editors were Geoff Hounsell and Greg Scruton at Arcade Edit with post producer Adam Becht and post executive producer Nicole Visram.

Visual effects were produced at The Mill by VFX supervisor Glyn Tebbutt, Flame lead Robin McGloin, Flame artists Brad Scott, Narbeh Mardirossian, Adam Lambert, Anthony Petitti, Ashley Forbito and Brett Lopinsky, senior VFX producer Chris Harlowe, VFX production coordinator Mary Hayden, colourist Adam Scott and colour producer Diane Valera.

Music and sound were produced at Duotone Audio Group by managing director David Leinheardt, executive producer Ross Hopman, creative director Jack Livesey and producer Gio Lobato. Sound was mixed at Lime Studios by mixers Sam Casas and Rohan Young, and producer Susie Boyajan.