Samsung saves worst Instagram account

Samsung recently helped an Icelandic man widely known for having the worst Instagram account ever to take brilliant pictures, thanks to the camera on the Galaxy S7 smartphone. In a campaign created by Cheil Worldwide and launched last month, Samsung helped a fisherman from Iceland take the perfect picture after his attempts to show off his surroundings were hampered by low lighting. Due to the low quality camera on his smartphone and the fact that Iceland is pretty dark, especially in winter, fisherman Rúnar Jónsson’s Instagram amounted to a collage of dark squares. He soon became famous for having the worst account on Instagram. Samsung and Cheil Worldwide equipped him with a Samsung Galaxy S7 and, thanks to the transformative effect of the phone’s camera on low lighting, Rúnar can now show the world exactly what he sees. His Instagram followers are now encouraging him to take more pictures and one fan even created the hashtag campaign #Runarforpresident which became a trending topic.

Samsung Man with the worst Instagram account

Cheil Worldwide Netherlands Creative Director, Ton van Jole said: “We were so moved by Rúnar’s story and that shows throughout the work. To launch a cutting-edge smartphone, you need to think mobile first and that’s why we put Instagram and social media at the centre of our campaign. Thanks to the incredible support from his fans and followers, Rúnar’s story has taken off in ways we couldn’t have imagined when we first came up with the idea.”

Malcolm Poynton, Global Chief Creative Officer said: “Malcolm Poynton, Global Chief Creative Officer said: “Sun-drenched Californians may not see the need for a great low-light camera. But the rest of us can relate to Rúnar’s Instagram story, even if our photos aren’t quite as interesting as those of the Icelandic fisherman.””

Samsung Man with the worst Instagram account photograph of ice
Samsung Man with the worst Instagram account


The Samsung Instagram account campaign was developed at Cheil Worldwide, Netherlands, creative director Stephan Gonnissen, art director Ton van Jole, copywriter Annemiek Den Uil, strategist Ernst-Jan Koomans, account directors Judith Langeslag and Mariska Kloezen, and agency producer Melissa Nieveld.

Filming was shot by director Jan Boon via Wefilm with producer Floor Schroeijers, director of photography Thomas Buelens, editor Kees van Dijkhuizen, line producer Bui Baldvinsson at Hero Productions.

Post production was done at The Compound by colourist Tim van Paasen and online producer Daniel Falkenhagen Corte Real.

Sound was designed at Postoffice Amsterdam by sound designer/mixer Marcel Bultman. Music was produced at Unippm.