Sagami Act of Love

Sagami Original Condoms is running “Act of Love”, an integrated advertising campaign celebrating the variety of animal courtship behaviours. Launched in January 2016, the provides an exploration of 73 animals and birds. A two-minute video, also called Sagami Act of Love, filmed on London’s South Bank, features dancers on London’s South Bank, acting out the mating rituals of blue footed boobies, cranes, fiddler crabs, foxes and flamingoes.

Sagami Act of Love legs

Sagami Act of Love web site
Sagami Act of Love web site - Flamingo

Sagami Act of Love Credits

The Salami Acts of Love campaign was developed at Rock’n Roll Japan, Projector, White Briefs and Kaibutsu, Tokyo, by creative director Yoichiro Tanaka, project manager Shimpei Oshima.

Filming was shot on London’s South Bank by director Greg Brunkalla via Stink, with director of photography Jim Jolliffe, producer Tom Farley and executive producer Mungo Maclagan.

Music was produced at Mad Planet.

Dancing, choreographed by Russell Maliphant, features Kiraly Saint Claire, Sarita Piotrowski, Grace Jabbari, Karl Fagerlund Brekke, Maria Fonseca, Matthew Sandiford, Adam Kirkham, Flora Grant, Estela Merlos, and Georges Hann.