Robin Wood Disappearing Animals

Robin Wood is a nationwide nonviolent action group in Germany focusing on environmental activism around climate, energy, forests, mobility. The Robin Wood Disappearing Animals advertising campaign, featuring three disappearing animals, a deer, capuchin monkey and polar bear affected by habitat destruction, has won Gold for illustration at the 2016 Clio Awards. A polar bear’s back is eaten away by the effects of deep sea oil rigs and refineries on melting ice caps. A deer’s back is eaten away by deforestation. A capuchin monkey’s back is eaten away by forest fires. “Destroying nature is destroying life”, is connected with forest fires, deforestation and melting ice caps. The Robin Wood Environment posters and print ads point to Robin Wood web pages on tropical forest, deforestation, and climate change. From illegal logging and slash-and-burn clearing to the reckless overexploitation of nature, animals are vanishing from the motifs one by one. The photo-realistic illustration style, the 3D presentation and the wealth of information provided highlight the various causes of the decimation of the animal kingdom. If we destroy nature, we destroy life.

Robin Wood Disappearing Animals -Polar Bear

Robin Wood Disappearing Animals - Deer
Robin Wood Disappearing Animals - Capuchin Monkey

Robin Wood Disappearing Animals Credits

The Robin Wood Disappearing Animals campaign was developed at Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg, by chief creative officer Ralf Heuel, group creative director Florian Kitzing, creative director Andreas Lie, art director/graphic designer Manuel Wolff, artist Ann Swierczynski, graphic designer Giao-Chung Lam, copywriter Katharina Kowalski, art buyer Anna-Lena Meyer, producer Kristina Mohr, account supervisor Joelle Timores, working with Robin Wood marketing director Ute Greiser.

CGI effects were produced at Illusion, Bangkok, via Analog/Digital.