Pokemon Go Home Posters Appear

A team of creatives has launched a guerrilla poster campaign in the UK using the #PokemonGoHome theme to raise support for EU citizens in the wake of the UK’s Brexit vote. The Pokemon Go Home posters across London present a disturbing scenario in which Pokemon characters from the Pokemon Go game are soon to be deported. Readers are invited to follow up their concern at pokemon-go-home.com and sign a petition to the UK government. Copywriter David Felton came up with the idea while talking to a Portugese art director who confessed that he is “genuinely worried and concerned about this future post-Brexit.” Felton connected with graphic designer and web developer Steve Sinyard on @OneMinuteBriefs, and brought in creative director Evan Brown from Los Angeles.

Pokemon Go Home poster

Pokemon Go Home poster
Pokemon Go Home poster
Pokemon Go Home poster
Pokemon Go Home site

The Pokemon Go Home Site Spiel

“Okay, you got us. Here’s the truth. The government aren’t sending your Pokemon away. But for 590,000 EU Nationals in the UK, it isn’t looking so good. Following Britain’s decision to leave the EU, more than half a million people won’t meet the residency requirements needed to stay if Article 50 is triggered next year. We decided to make this campaign to draw attention to the uncertainty surrounding the fate of EU Nationals in the UK, who may lose their right to live and work here. Imagine being here right now, but knowing you might be thrown out in the future. Imagine knowing you might be parted from your job, family and friends. For many in the UK, that’s a worrying reality they wake up to every day. It’s time for our government to end the uncertainty. Sign the petition to guarantee EU Nationals a right to remain in the UK and show that people are just as important as Pokemon. Thank you.”

The Pokemon Go Home Petition

“EU citizens who study or work and pay taxes in the UK are a fundamental part of society. The UK would not be able to function without the taxes paid in by the EU immigrants. Their rights should also not be decreased if they’ve been paying in for years.”

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