P&G Thank you Mom Rio 2016

Procter & Gamble is marking Mothers Day and the build up to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, with “Strong”, a new element in the “Thank you, Mom” campaign. Children are supported by their mothers through stressful events, including an approaching tornado, a car crash, a stalled elevator, aerial turbulence, and bullying. We see those same children encouraged by their mothers to work through the challenges associated with training, followed by the exhilaration of competing in the Olympics. “It takes someone strong to make someone strong”. The Thank You Mom campaign, launched in 2012 with “Best Job“, “Kids“, and “Pick Them Back Up” in 2014, has its own Facebook page: facebook.com/thankyoumom

Thank You Mom Strong commercial - It takes someone strong

Thank you Mom Campaign

“This campaign began with the insight that behind every athlete is an amazing mom,” said Marc Pritchard, P&G Global Brand Officer, “Being the Proud Sponsor of Moms is a natural way for us to look at the Olympic Games because P&G brands are part of the journey moms of Olympians, and all moms, take with their kids every day. We see how strong moms are in every facet of their lives, and how their children draw on that strength as they grow. Through our campaign, we invite everyone to join us in saying ‘Thank You’ to moms for the role they play in raising strong children.”

“Strong” explores the simple human truth that the daily courage moms show echoes at critical times throughout their kids’ lives. The film follows the Olympic Games journeys of four moms and their kids, showing the moments, both large and small, when a mother’s strength makes all the difference, and building to the moment each child summons their own courage on the world’s biggest stage – the Olympic Games.

Each year, P&G’s Olympic Games campaign is inspired by the research brands like Pampers and Bounty do to create products that work better for moms and families. Now for the first time, P&G brands are revealing some of that research in “The Global Mom Report,” offering new insights about what it means to be a mom in today’s world. Among the findings in the report:

91% want their children to feel their presence and the impact of their parenting even when they can’t be together
63% of moms agree it’s more important to set a good example for their children than to be involved in every single aspect of day-to-day caring of their children
After becoming a mom, women said that they appreciated their own mothers more, recognizing her patience (59%), empathy (48%) and emotional strength (52%)

The Mom Report

Thank You Mom Credits

The P&G Thankyou Mom Rio 2016 campaign was developed at Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, by creative directors Karl Lieberman and Eric Baldwin, copywriter Matt Mulvey, art director Lawrence Melilli, integrated executive producer Erika Madison, account team Jordan Cappadocia, Ebony Francis and Eric Gabrielson.

Filming was shot by director Jeff Nichols via Rattling Stick with executive producer Joe Biggins, line producer Sally Humphries, director of photography Adam Stone.

Editor was Peter Wiedensmith at Joint Editorial with assistant Dylan Sylwester, post producer Jen Milano.

Visual effects were produced at The Mill by executive creative director Phil Crowe, 2D lead artist Glyn Tebbutt, 3D lead artist Nick Lines, executive producer Enca Kaul, senior producer Chris Harlowe, production coordinator Mary Hayden.

Colourist was Tom Poole at Company 3 with producer Rochelle Brown.

Music, “Experience” by Ludovico Einaudi, was supervised at Walker Music by president Sara Matarazzo.

Sound was designed Brian Emrich and Noah Woodbury at Joint Editorial. Sound was mixed at Eleven Sound by mixer Jeff Payne and producer Suzanne Hollingshead.