Pedigree First Meeting

Pedigree Mexico is running “Pedigree First Meeting”, a commercial celebrating the relationship between humans and dogs, a connection that spans back centuries. The spot shows a nomadic ice age man journeying through desolate lands alone, his knobby knees a telltale sign of his lack of luck foraging for sustenance. When he finally comes across another living creature, he takes an antagonistic stance at the approaching canine, raising his spear in preparation for attack. As the dog heels before him, he immediately lets down his guard, dropping his spear and crouching down to pet the friendly dog. The spot closes with the super “30,000 years bringing out the good in us.” The original Spanish tag line: “Alimenta lo bueno” (Feed the Good).

Pedigree First Meeting

The Man and the Dog

Film director Garcia Saiz earned widespread online media buzz for his canine-themed work for FATH (Fundación Argentina de Trasplante Hepático) out of DDB Argentina. “The Man & The Dog” tugs at the heartstrings and has earned over 9 million online views and also took home a Bronze Cannes Lion in 2015.

Pedigree First Meeting Credits

The Pedigree First Meeting campaign was developed at BBDO Mexico by chief creative officer Luis Gaitán, group creative director Tere Lemus, creative director Rodrigo Del Oso, art director Juan Palacios, executive producers Paloma Pieza, Manuel Rivas, Andrea Davila, account director Andrea Davila.

Filming was shot by director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz via Central Films North with executive producers John Barreiro and Mauricio Francini, director of photography Mateo Londono, editor Jorge Hernandez, and post production team Patricia Guerra and Leonel Perez.

Music was by Ramino Del Real.