Paramount Channel Actors

Paramount Channel Latin America is running “Actors” (Actors), a campaign celebrating the dramatic skills associated with both everyday life and the worlds created in Hollywood studios. The campaign reminds us that we live in a world full of actors. Men who pretend to know about wine, football players who simulates fouls, or women who fake orgasms. For that world full of actors, there comes a movie channel filled with the best of them. “En un mundo lleno de actores, hay un canal con los que llegaron a Hollywood” (In a world full of great actors, see the ones who made it to Hollywood).

Paramount Channel actors

Paramount Channel Actors Credits

The Paramount Channel Actors campaign was developed at Grey Argentina by executive creative director Diego Medvedocky, creative directors Hernán Kritzer, Lisandro Cardozo, Alejandro Devoto, Martín Stuart, copywriter Juan Manuel Quintero, art director Javier García, agency producer Patricio Browne, account director Giselle Ezeiza working with Viacom marketing team Natacha Oviedo and Martín Florio.

Filming was shot by directors Augusto Gimenez Zapiola, Nano Tidone via Argentinacine with executive producer Marcos Landajo, producer German Escande. Post production was by Aldo Ferrari at Pickle. Sound was produced at Elefante Resonante. Music was produced at Papa Music.