OXO Tested on Humans

Household goods brand OXO has launched “OXO Tested on Humans”, an integrated advertising campaign promoting a 9-Cup Coffee Maker, Conical Burr Grinder With Integrated Scale, GreenSaver Produce Keeper Illuminating Digital Hand Mixer, POP Container, Salad Spinner, Swivel Peeler, Angled Measuring Cup. Using OOH, digital, audio, influencer, and paid social components, the campaign connects imagery of people with elements evoking scientific research and data. “Great products don’t make themselves. They need inspiration. Design. Testing. Testing on men. On women. Testing on children. Testing on lefties. And righties. Studying the weak. Researching the strong. Test. Probe. Test again. Repeat. The results? Over 1,000 products that make everyday living easier. And every single one of them unabashedly tested on humans.”

OXO Tested on Humans

MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER Co-Founder and Director of Strategy Matt Hofherr explains: “OXO only makes a product when they know they can bring a meaningful improvement to the marketplace. How do they know? They observe human behavior very closely. Their obsession for getting it right was the inspiration behind our campaign.”

“At OXO we make a lot of house calls. We watch how consumers interact with products and identify opportunities to solve common pet peeves as well as those that people didn’t even know they had. Our ‘question everything’ philosophy is how we are able to continuously develop solutions that really do make everyday living easier,” comments Lindsay Mecca, Senior Brand Communications Manager at OXO.

OXO Tested on Humans - mixer
OXO Tested on Humans - peeler
OXO Tested on Humans - coffee grinder


The OXO Tested on Humans campaign was developed at MUH-TAY-ZIK/HOF-FER by executive creative directors John Matejczyk and Jay Berry, director of strategy Matt Hofherr, associate director of strategy Rachel Gold, head of production Michelle Spear Nicholson, producer Molly Hayes, copywriter Mike Gallucci, art director Stevan Chavez, account director Noel McKenzie-Johnson, director of media Eric Perko, and media strategist Katie McKinley.

Filming was shot by director Fred Goss via Bullitt with director of photography Matthew Woolf, executive producer Luke Ricci, producer Melissa Murphy and production supervisor Adam Bergey.

Editor was Andy Green at Cut + Run with executive producer Deanne Mehling, assistant editor Russel Fong, producer Samantha Liss and colourist Chris Martin.

Sound was produced at One Union by senior engineer Andy Greenberg.