Old Spice This Blocks on Copenhagen Buses

Earlier this year, OutOfHomeMedia ran a bus advertising campaign in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a huge tag line, “Ad Block This”. The Ad Block This bus rolled around Copenhagen and gained a lot of attention. TBWA & BBDO figured that their work on This Blocks, a local campaign for Old Spice Odor Blocker would be a great response. In their creative solution, TBWA & BBDO literally blocked the Ad Block This statement — all the while highlighting a product, which in fact has a blocking effect. It’s a witty display of how a product’s qualities can interact with its surroundings. The Old Spice execution strengthens the message behind the Ad Block This solution, through exemplifying how effective traditional media still is. Bus route 5A in Copenhagen has a yearly passenger count of around 20 million people, making it close to equal with the number of travellers passing through Copenhagen Airport.

Old Spice This Blocks bus

Creative Director Tobias Aggergaard said, “We saw the Ad Block This bus as a challenge and decided to use it for something positive! Using the existing advertisement as a trigger, we played on the two brands having a dialogue. Since we took that as our premise, the solution became quite self-evident. Luckily, Old Spice jumped at the idea, since the concept and the tone aligned with theirs, and they actually have a product that blocks. I hope that this execution will demonstrate that if something is good, then it can be as analogue as it gets. A good idea is a good idea. Even though an ad has its roots in the analogue, that does not disqualify it from taking on a digital element”.

Ad Block This bus

Old Spice This Blocks Credits

The Old Spice This Blocks campaign was developed at TBWA & BBDO, Copenhagen, by executive creative director Tobias Aggergaard, art director Mikkel Moller, and account director Anders Lillemose.

Ad Block This Credits

The Ad Block This campaign was developed at &Co., Copenhagen, Denmark, by art directors Kristoffer Winther Sørensen, Ole Hoffmann, Jeppe Hansen, and illustrator Morten Grundsøe.