Not Everything Should Stay in the Family

Amnesty International in Peru is running an integrated advertising campaign raising awareness of the need to address sexual abuse of children in the home. Print and online elements of the campaign, launched in late 2014, use family trees to reveal the chilling sexual connections between abusive adults and children. “Not everything should stay in the family. In Peru more than 50% of sexually abused children are victims of a relative. Help to stop it at”.

Amnesty Family Tree

Amnesty Family Tree
Amnesty Family Tree

Amnesty’s microsite at, provides some of the background to the campaign and encourages visitors to sign a letter to the Peruvian government calling for the implementation of a single response pathway for sexual violence.

“Sexual violence against children and adolescents is an alarming reality in our country, as shown by different figures. Between 2008 and June 2013 100,511 crimes against sexual freedom were recorded. Approximately 50% of the victims were minors. (Source: Public Prosecutor). In 2013, about 25 cases of sexual abuse of minors recorded daily. (Source: Public Prosecutor). In 2012 a total of 4233 complaints of sexual violation was recorded; 93% of complaints are children and adolescents. (Source: Ministry of the Interior). To make matters worse, the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations also reported 3645 cases of children and adolescents treated by a situation of sexual abuse in 2011. Today in Peru children and adolescent victims of sexual violence do not have an adequate system of protection of children.”

Amnesty Peru sexual abuse site
Amnesty Peru sexual abuse site - Five Steps

The campaign included a chilling Christmas message reminding viewers to stay sharp.


The Not Everything campaign was developed at Carne, Lima, by executive creative director José Rivera y Piérola, head of art Piero Oliveri Johnson, copywriter Alejandro Canciobello, art director Yoshi Ishikawa, photographer Alex Freundt and producer Javier Correa.