Nissan Diehard Fan Faces at Rio Olympics

Nissan USA has launched the Nissan Diehard Fan Nations app, a virtual face paint app goes allowing sports fans to show and share their national pride for the sports teams that will be heading to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics. The app, designed originally for college sports fans in the USA, has 2,000 designs that fans can use to paint their face via their smartphone or tablet. The DieHard Fan mobile experience, designed at Critical Mass, lets fans virtually paint their faces and share with friends using a smartphone or tablet, with a range of 2000 designs. The result is digital face paint that moves when you move, includes real shadows and contours. Expanding the idea for the Olympics was a massive logistical challenge as they had to create 2,000 different designs for 206 non-Brazilian nations that are inspired by national flags and other symbols. The Nissan Diehard Fan Faces site connects fans to the College Athletics (NCAA), Nations (Rio Olympics), and Tricolor de Corazón (Mexico futbol) apps on iTunes and Google Play.

Nissan Diehard Fan Faces - Brazil

Nissan began the Diehard Fan Faces project in 2015 to promote Nissan’s sponsorship of collegiate sports in the USA. 100 colleges, 100 teams, and millions of sports fans. Hundreds of masks were hand-painted onto people’s faces. Critical Mass worked with Image Metrics to map over 2,000 points on the human face to digitally capture every detail and feature. The results included being the number one Sports app in Apple Store; over 10 minutes average engagement; 35M masks tried on; 40M+ impressions.

Nissan Diehard Fan Faces - USA
Nissan Diehard Fan Faces - China
Nissan Diehard Fan Faces - South Africa

Nissan Diehard Fan Faces Credits

The Nissan Diehard Fan Face campaign was developed at Critical Mass, Calgary, by chief creative officer Conor Brady, executive creative director Steve Savic, group creative director Jordon Mowbray, creative director Masanori Benno, art directors Martine Lavoie, Andrzej Milosz, Jordan Natyshen, Darren Wood, designers Zhen Huang, Tomoki Iwamoto, Javier Olivares, Jon Temple, Victoria Williams, copy director Peter von Sass, executive Producer Alissa Hansen, experience architect Annie Tat, account director Matt Ochab, account manager Stephanie England, project managers Jason Mack and Cara Woo, strategic director Chrissie Graboski, and strategic planner Kerry Janes, with face painter Lucie Brouillard.

Development was done at Image Metrics.