NHS Better Left Unsaid

NHS in the UK is running “Better Left Unsaid”, a series of commercials connecting with Valentine’s Day, encouraging people to tell their loved ones about their decision to become an organ donor. The three commercials present humorous clangers that just should never be said during a date. Shot in a restaurant setting, the films are a montage of witty, surreal, awkward and laugh out loud funny interactions between couples. Each film ends with the endline: “Share your organ donation decision with a loved one this Valentine’s.”

NHS Better Left Unsaid

The Better Left Unsaid campaign is associated with the tag line, “Share the Love”, with creative work distributed on social media. Many NHS ad campaigns have encouraged people to register as organ donors. However, if the family of a potential organ donor is not aware and in support of a loved-ones wishes, in the event of their death, the process of fulfilling their organ donation can be difficult.

NHS Share the Love
NHS Roses are red violets are blue
NHS Preparation for Valentine's Day

“It was a challenging brief. For many people raising the subject of organ donation is not an easy thing to do. So Valentine’s Day – a time spent with your loved one – is as good a time as ever!” explained Stephen Lynch, creative director, Aesop. “We chose a humorous approach to cut through and make the sharing of one’s organ donor decision feel like a simple and easy thing to do”.


The NHS Better Left Unsaid campaign was developed at Aesop by creative directors Stephen Lynch and Ben Clapp.

Filming was shot by director Ben Sedley via Generator Films with executive producer Laura Ruddock, producer Laura Jenkins, director of photography Oliver Schofield.

Post production was by colourist James Gilmore. Editor was Julian Tranquille at Cut + Run, London.