Moto Repellent vs Mosquito

The Duang Prateep Foundation, a non-profit charity in Thailand dedicated to improving the lives of slum residents, has worked with BBDO Bangkok to create Moto Repellent. The charity and agency are using motorcycles to combat mosquito infestation and mosquito-borne illnesses in the slums.

Moto Repellent

MotoRepellent is a light-weight, mobile device filled with non-toxic mosquito repelling oil and magnetically attached to the end of a motorcycle’s exhaust pipe. Heat from the exhaust activates the oil and mosquito-repelling scent is propelled out into the air via exhaust pressure. As the main mode of transportation in the slums, motorcycles easily navigate the narrow alleys and reach every corner. As the motorcycles pass by, mosquitos within a radius of up to 3 meters are repelled, giving residents a safer, mosquito-free environment.

Mosquitos kill more people every year than any other animal in the world*, and in 2015 alone, Thailand experienced more than a 207% increase in dengue patients – making it one of the worst years in recent history for this deadly mosquito-borne disease.


The Moto Repellent project was developed at BBDO Bangkok by chief creative officer Suthisak Sucharittanonta, executive creative director/copywriter Chalit Manuyakorn, creative group head/copywriter Peter Oh, art director Sithum Walter, designer Sangvian Suwan, producers Jirapan Vasanabunsongserm, Yada Buachan and Yathip Thanitthanaphat, and account manager Wachira Ampornpachra.

Filming was shot by director Kasemparn Jujindalert via MeOur, Bangkok, with assistant director Teewin Varapaskul, directors of photography Setthawut Samathimongkol (Pop) and Pleng Kangvan.

Music is “Bangkok Mosquitos” by Monrak Kwanpohthai.