Michelob Breathe

Michelob ULTRA is presented as the beer brewed for those who go the extra mile in “Breathe”, a commercial launched during the 2016 Super Bowl. “Breathe” highlights the many ways that Michelob ULTRA drinkers put in the effort to live an active, balanced life. The commercial is designed to promote the idea that enjoying a beer socially and living an active life don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

Michelob Breathe under water

The 2015 Michelob Super Bowl Campaign

“We know that Michelob ULTRA drinkers exercise regularly and still make time to have a social life,” said Edison Yu, Vice President, Michelob ULTRA. “Doing this isn’t easy, especially with so many other demands, so we made ‘Breathe’ to celebrate those who put in this extra effort and choose a beer that they can enjoy without sabotaging their hard work.”

Michelob is also running “The Feeling”, another 30-second spot prepared to air air during the Super Bowl if the game went into overtime.

“I love the idea of getting into the head of the everyday athlete—the person who wants to do their best and be their best,” said Fuqua. “I tried to capture this person’s perseverance, resilience, focus, and how Michelob ULTRA fits into their everyday life.”

Celebrating the active life has been central to Michelob ULTRA since its launch in 2002. This differentiated positioning has accelerated Michelob ULTRA’s growth, making it the fastest growing beer in the industry in 2016. And with just 95 calories, 2.6 carbohydrates, and an exceptional taste, Michelob ULTRA is the superior light beer that doesn’t undo all the hard work our drinkers put in every day.

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The Michelob Breathe campaign was developed at FCB Chicago by chief creative officer Todd Tilford, creative directors Josh Hurley, Andy Kohman, chief strategy officer John Kenny, strategy director Tom Hehir, senior producer Chris Wickman, manager of business affairs Kelly Lenthe, group management director Melanie Hellenga.

Filming was shot by director Antoine Fuqua via Wondros by chief creative officer Anne-Marie Mackay, executive producers Jeremy Barrett, Catherine Finkenstaedt, and producer Karen Chen.

Post production was done at FCB in-house studio Lord + Thomas by executive producer Rene Steinkellner, producer Clare Deady, editor Steve Immer, assistant editor Ilsa Misamore, colourist Roman Mendez, online editor Justin Orr and sound engineer Jason Ryan.