McDonalds What We Love

McDonald’s Germany has released its first ever Valentine’s Day spot to celebrate the memories of those we once loved in life whom we never forget. The McDonalds What We Love spot follows the story of a young boy and girl who meet over summer vacation at the beach. Reminiscent of many sweet summer flings — wading in the waves, watching sunsets on the rooftop, eating Big Macs together — we also know what happens when the holiday is over and it’s time to leave. This time, the story continues a few years later. The key phrase, “Eine große Cola mit viel Eis und einen Big Mac, aber bitte mit ohne Burke” is translated in English as “A large Coke, with lots of ice, and a Big Mac. But without pickles.” “What you love once, you never forget”.

McDonalds What We Love commercial


The McDonalds What You Love campaign was developed at Leo’s Thjnk Tank, a joint venture between Leo Burnett Germany and thjnk, by chief creative officers Andreas Pauli and Armin Jochum, creative directors Jörg Hoffmann, Sean Kirby, and Michael Ohanian, copywriter Andreas Daum, art director Till Rothweiler, agency producer Christian Hibbeler, and account director Alexander Wieland working with McDonalds marketing manager Michael Th. Werner and director Jörn Winkler.

Filming was shot by director Matt Smukler via Soup Film with director of photography Julian Hohndorf and editor Peer-Arne Sveistrup.

Post production was done at LIGA 01 Computerfilm, Munich.

Music was produced at TRO Music.