Loving Vincent Van Gogh in animated paintings

Loving Vincent, a full feature painted animation film exploring the life and death of Dutch post impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh, is nearing completion this year. The project, begun in 2011, is being directed by Polish painter Dorota Kobiela and British filmmaker Hugh Welchman, with the help of many other painters on set in Poland. The film is an investigation into the life and mysterious death of the 19th-century Dutch painter, told through 120 of his paintings and based on 800 of his letters. The filmmakers estimate the 80-minute film will require nearly 57,000 painted frames.

Loving Vincent

The Loving Vincent plot, drawn from the 800 letters written by the painter himself, leads us to the significant people and events in the time leading up to his unexpected death. Vincent wrote in his last letter: “Well, the truth is, we cannot speak other than by our paintings”, and that is what we are doing- letting his paintings tell the story of what the painter had inside his heart, and ultimately, what happened to him.

Loving Vincent is being promoted through the website, lovingvincent.com, Facebook and Twitter, a Kickstarter project page, and Hugh Welchman’s Instagram account.

Kobiela was inspired to make the film after reading a letter Van Gogh wrote to his brother. “He said we can only speak through our paintings,” Kobiela told Voice of America. “And these words were very important for me and they were actually the reason we are making this film like that.”

Loving Vincent Poster


Filming is by directors/writers Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman with writer Jacek Dehnel at BreakThru Films and Trademark Films with executive producer David Parfitt, producers Sean M. Bobbitt and Ivan MacTaggart, cinematographer Tristan Oliver, line producer Tim Dennison, production designer Matthew Button, art director Daniela Faggio, and hair/make-up designer Sallie Jaye.