Love Labyrinth

The One Love Foundation has released “Love Labyrinth”, a short film designed to help teens recognised and prevent relationship abuse. The One Love Foundation was founded in 2010 in memory of Yeardley Love, a senior lacrosse player at University of Virginia, who was beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend. For the one in three college women and one in four college men affected, a relationship can quickly devolve into a labyrinth of manipulation: lonely, frightening, bewildering and hopelessly complex. By illuminating a problem usually kept behind closed doors, Love Labyrinth aims to start a conversation amongst college students about what behavior is acceptable in a relationship and what is not.

Love Labyrinth

That’s not love

The Love Labyrinth video is the latest chapter in the #thatsnotlove campaign. Earlier this year The One Love Foundation launched a year-long initiative to educate, empower and activate college students to end relationship violence. One Love currently conducts workshops on college campuses to help educate students on this issue, and the work serves as a bridge between the company’s existing efforts and our creative contributions still to come.

Call to Action

Students are encouraged to take action in their community to educate and empower others about the impacts of control statements. One option is to host performance art events using “Because I Love You” or #thatsnotlove as a theme. Examples of social media and poster statements are provided. “Because I love you, blow off plans with your friends tonight. You should want to hang out with only me. #thatsnotlove.” “Because I love you, you should let me read all of your texts,… whenever I want. #thatsnotlove”. “Because I love you, I don’t want you talking to that person. #thatsnotlove”. “Post Flyers.


The #Thatsnotlove campaign was developed at One Heart Foundation in association with TBWA Media Arts Lab (MAL For Good).

Filming was shot by Park Pictures director Vincent Haycock with copywriter Holly Hessler.