LG Man from the Future

LG USA is running “LG Man From the Future”, a Super Bowl commercial featuring father and son Liam Neeson and Micheal Neeson, directed by Jake Scott with support from his father Ridley Scott. The commercial’s interaction between the two actors at a bar introduces the OLED G6 television as a symbol of future technology. Liam opens the conversation with the provocative statement, “There is a revolution coming”. He holds a deck of black-backed playing cards, saying the future is staring back at us, like a perfect picture on glass. Out comes the eight of clubs, regarded as a symbol of the power of mental focus. The commercial includes elements reminiscent of the Tron films, with a virtual motorcyclist riding through a maze. We’ve included here the two teasers, the full commercial and a behind-the-scenes film featuring the two father and son duos.

LG Man from the Future with Liam Neeson and Micheal Neeson

“The future is staring back at us like a perfect picture on glass. And this future it must be protected. Look. It will change everything. That’s why they want to stop it. They will come after you without cease, because the future belongs to us.”


The LG Man from the Future campaign was developed at LG’s in-house advertising agency HS Ad.

Filming was shot by director Jake Scott via RSA Films with executive producers Ridley Scott, Jules Daly, Tracie Norfleet, producer David Mitchell, director of photography Paul Cameron, production designer Tom Foden.

Editing was done at Wild Card. VFX was produced at MPC Los Angeles by VFX supervisor Paul O’Shea.