Kit Kat Break Claus gives workers a break

Nestle is encouraging people to take a break in the busy lead up to Christmas with the help of an industrious Santa Claus. The bearded man in red has been seen around London helping out office workers, cleaners, newspaper vendors, park wardens and receptionists, selling newspapers, cleaning up rubbish, picking up the phone, and sweeping where it’s needed. Of course he’s been carrying a Kit Kat supply in his bag ready for every worker he’s relieved. Kit Kat Break Claus took 4 hours online on December 20 at the Kit Kat Twitter page to respond to requests for a break from work, using the #workbreak hashtag. See the requests and responses at the KITKAT Break Claus moments page. Fernando Barbella, creative director at J. Walter Thompson London, said: “As we slowly count down to Christmas day, with many of us working up until Christmas eve, this video is a feel-good reminder to take a break – and who better to be offering them this Christmas, than Santa himself

Kit Kat Break Claus

Kit Kat Break Claus photo

Kit Kat Break Claus Credits

The Kit Kat Break Claus campaign was developed at J Walter Thompson London by executive creative director Russell Ramsey, global business director Gloriana Lopez-Lay, creative director Fernando Barbella, creative Naz Nazli, global creative director Jason Berry, agency producer Sonny Botero, account director Katharine O’Donnell and account executive Benaisha Mehta.

Filming was shot by director Jonnie Malachi with director of photography Åsmund Berge Jenssen.