Kevin The Fire King promotes Georgia Lottery Keno

Georgia Lottery Keno’s latest commercial, “The Fire King”, channels Game of Thrones in a medieval fantasy parody. The spot features Kevin the Goat reprising his fire-breathing heroics from earlier campaigns. “The Fire King” saga follows Kevin’s quest for the throne in the land of 12 realms. Battles and courtship ensue before he and his human sidekick, James, oust the sitting King Aragor with a fate-sealing blow: “Your dragon is no goat,” James quips. The voiceover concludes: “Be the king of your castle. Win $100,000 300 times a day playing Keno!”. Kevin the goat has been seen in five previous commercials, flying a fighter jet in Top Goat, dueling with evil villains in a spy drama, and cruising the streets with his cop buddy.

Georgia Lottery Keno Kevin the Fire King - fire breathing goat

Fire Breathing Visual Effects

Artifact has collaborated with BBDO Atlanta on the Georgia Lottery campaign for the past several years.

“The VFX have always been crucial to making Kevin’s fire-breathing a reality since it’s what usually gets him and James out of trouble, or saves the day,” says Ryan Tuttle, Artifact Creative Director. “Rather than rely on 3D simulation to create the fire, we partnered with the production company’s pyro team and created the effect practically. This approach has given us by far the most believable results ever since we began working on this campaign.”

The opening scene required extensive matte painted landscapes, as well as painstaking crowd duplication for the army. Perhaps the biggest challenge that Artifact overcame was the project’s ambitiously fast turnaround of less than two weeks.

Fire King Credits

The Georgia Lottery Keno campaign was developed at BBDO Atlanta by creative director Derrick Ogilvie, associate creative director Jon Mueller, head of content production Eric De Fino, and senior producer Chrissy Lucas.

Filming was shot in Stone Mountain, GA, by Feel Films director Toby Haynes via Shadowlight Pictures, Decatur, Georgia, with director of photography Jordan McMonagle, producers Richard Sampson and Nick Hirschkorn, production designer Sally Rowe. Stock footage was by DP Mitch Martinez.

Editor was Jeff Jay at Hero Post.

Visual effects were produced at Artifact Design by executive creative director Ken Vale, creative director Ryan Tuttle, head of production Chris Papadimitriou, Flame artist Danny Yoon, and 2D designer/animator Kyung Ko.

Colour was produced at Company 3 by Billy Gabor. Audio post production was done at Company 3 by sound engineer Shawn Coleman.

Music was produced at Elias Arts.