Jewellery Crafted by my Heart

Marketing and advertising agency DDB Group Hong Kong has launched CRAFTED BY MY HEART, an iOS jewellery design app that lays down the rhythm of your heart as a one-of-a-kind gold, silver or black silver (gunmetal IP) ring. The app offers a choice of two unisex design templates, SURGE and SIERRA, that are customised by your heart beat. Each ring is assigned a different algorithm to ensure that no two pieces are alike. All you need is a smart phone, with the free app downloaded from the iOS App Store, to create a gift that is, quite literally, from the heart. The Crafted By My Heart project is online at, with the app available on the iOS App Store. Depending on the finish, rings cost between HK$1,198 and HK$1,588 (US$155 and US$205), and take around 15 to 20 working days to complete.

Crafted by my Heart Surge

Each unique design is brought to life through a high-resolution 3D wax printer, and molded and coated in one of the three available finishes.

Crafted by my Heart Infographic

“Busy schedules often make finding the perfect gift feel like a chore. With the help of technology, it doesn’t have to be this way,” said Andreas Krasser, Head of Strategy & Innovation at DDB Group Hong Kong. “From your heart to your loved one’s finger, CRAFTED BY MY HEART creates the ultimate personalised gift.”

Crafted by my Heart Surge
Crafted by my Heart Box Surge
Crafted by my Heart Box Sierra
Crafted by my Heart Box

Crafted By My Heart Credits

The Crafted By My Heart project was developed at DDB Group Hong Kong by creative director Marcin Brzezinski, senior art director Colin Siu, creative technologist Manolis Perrakis, head of strategy and innovation Andreas Krasser, project manager Billy Cheung, and account director Koman Ko, working with Tribal Worldwide Singapore project director Jean Kim and head of technology Weelee Yeo, and jewellery designer Weelee Yeo.

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