Jeep Mud Mask

Jeep Germany has released The Jeep® Mud Mask, celebrating the special bond between Jeep drivers and their cars, and marking the brand’s 75th anniversary. The first mud mask for SUVs promises to be adventure in a can, the emergency aid for all adventure-deprived City-Jeeps®. The strictly limited, and beautifully crafted Mud Masks contain exactly what a true off-road adventurer is missing in the city: 100% real dirt, as an expression of the desire to escape the daily grind and search for new adventures far off the beaten track.

Jeep Mud Mask Hero PackShot

The launch of the luxuriously designed product is accompanied by a beautifully shot, black and white launch film featuring brand ambassador Elyas M’Barek and the Jeep® Renegade. It depicts a Jeep®’s and its driver’s longing for adventure in a dream-like way, and inspires the viewer to get out and escape the everyday.

Only 75 mud masks are being released. Jeep lovers are invited to visit for a chance to win one of these exclusive adventurer beauty treatments. For more details about the Mud Mask and the Jeep® Renegade, check out

Jeep Mud Mask 3 Cans
Jeep Mud Mask Banderolle
Jeep Mud Mask Back Can
Jeep Mud Mask Open can
Jeep Mud Mask Can Bag
Jeep Mud Mask Boxes
Jeep Mud Mask Booklet


The Jeep Mud Mask campaign was developed at Parasol Island by creative directors Matthias May and Andrew Morgan, account director Thomas Estenfeld, executive producer Dana Møgeltønder, senior producer Christoph Wallmeyer, film director Adolfo J. Kolmerer, director of photography and photographer Denis Guth, photographer Henrik Alm, editor Tom Seil, colourist Markus Badow, and post producer Simon Sieverts.

Voice recording was done at Giesing Team. Sound was designed at Torus. Music was by Martin Smith.

Packaging was by aYoh.