Jeep Adventure Tires

Jeep® Germany is set to launch Jeep Adventure Tires, a new line of tires bringing the unique feeling of off-road driving to city streets, as part of the quest to save city-dwelling Jeep® drivers from adventure deprivation. The idea is simple: The tire’s shape and tread are modeled on the rocky surfaces Jeeps regularly tackle during their offroad endeavours. By putting the offroad surface into the tire, drivers will be able to enjoy natural offroad bumpiness wherever they go, even on the smoothest of city streets. The rough and ready tire will be revealed on April 2.

Jeep Adventure Tires mounted

Jeep Adventure Tires
Jeep Adventure Tires concept
Jeep Adventure Tires on black

“Inspired by nature, engineered by Jeep®. Natural rock formations connected with the latest tire technology lead to an unprecedented driving experience. Perfectly tailored to the needs of the adventure deprivation suffering, urban Jeep driver.”

“Nowadays more and more offroad fans are facing increased difficulties to regularly escape their urban lives. We at Jeep® take this issue very seriously and have been working with a group of specialists to develop a way, to bring at least some of that offroad feeling back to their everyday lives. We know that a tire will never be able to fully replace the joy of real adventure, but for many of our beloved drivers, it might just help to ease the longing until they manage to get out there again.” says FCA Germany Marketing Director Maren Dragon.

The Adventure Tires will be officially launched to the German market on April 2nd 2016. For more information and an exclusive preview of the literally groundbreaking new tires, customers can visit

Jeep Adventure Tires Credits

The Jeep Adventure Tires project was designed for Jeep® / FCA Germany AG at Parasol Island by head of interactive Nils Hartmann, creative directors Matthias May and Andrew Morgan, head of design interactive Jörn Beyer, account director Thomas Estenfeld.

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