Jamie xx Gosh

Jamie XX music video “Gosh” has won one of the Grand Prix awards at the Ciclope Awards for film, held in Berlin, Germany. The music video, directed by Romain Gavras, was released in July to promote the track taken from the album, In Colour. The Jamie XX Gosh music video is set in Tianducheng, a gated community in the province of Hangzhou, China, built as a replica of Paris. A man with albinism (Hassan Kone) dressed in all white is celebrated by a massive clan of disciples. The behind-the-scenes film shows the 400 extras being trained for their roles.

Jamie XX Gosh music video

Jamie XX Gosh music video with Hassan Kone
Jamie XX Gosh music video
Jamie XX Gosh music video
Jamie XX Gosh music video
Jamie XX Gosh music video with Eiffel Tower

Jamie XX Gosh Credits

Filming was shot by director Romain Gavras via Iconoclast with executive producer Roman Pichon Herrera, line producer Arnaud Le Méné, production coordinator Mélodie Buchris, director of photography Mattias Rudh, Adrian Wigerdal, Movi and drone operator Myron Mance, drone pilot Malan Thinus, stylist Hannah Edwards, casting director Philippe Elkoubi. The behind-the-scenes film was shot by director Kim Chapiron.

Production services were provided through Eagle Media, Shanghai, by producer Edmond Tao and line producer Quoi Zhang Jing, 1st assistant camera team Zhu, Leo, Lian, 1st assistant director Thomas Chow, 2nd assistant director Wang Zhi Ring, and grip Adrian Wigerdal.

Post production was done at Nightshift by editor Walter Mauriot, colourist Mathieu Caplanne, sound editor Marco Casanova and production supervisor Renaud Coulon, post production director Cyril Bordesoulle.

Special Effects were produced at Mathematic by Flame artist Clément Germain, supervisor Emeric Samier and coordinator Guillaume Marien.

Other credits include Iconoclast founder Nicolas Lhermitte, Iconoclast producer Charles-Marie Anthonioz, Iconoclast executive producer Mourad Belkeddar, choreographers Patrick de Bana and Helena Martin Hernandez, Young Turks founder Caius Pawson, The Talent Group directors Pontus Rönn and Stefan Van Zyl, Xiaolong Martial Arts School, Sean Fenn, Larry Jackson, and Jonathan O’Connell.