Jack Link’s Jerky Hangry Hacks

Jack Link’s is running “Hangry Hacks”, an advertising campaign in which hungry and angry characters break the safety glass on an emergency reserve stash to recover their sense of perspective. “Gym Beast” features comedy sketch artist Josh Leyva losing his cool at the gym, with cameo appearances by the Hodge Twins. He’s returned to his zen state by breaking into an emergency stash of Jack Link’s conveniently stored within the weights of the machine. “Caddie Hack” has a golfer on the last play of his career rescued from losing everything by his caddie. Golf shouldn’t be played while hangry. This pro golfer’s hangry costs him the championship, but thanks to a hangry hack using his caddie, his hangry transforms back to happy. “Mom Flips Out”, features a typical family vacation long-distance journey. Geo Antoinette, an actress, producer and owner of her own gym, Barbell Brigade in LA, is featured in a “Office Freakout” (Boss has Beef) spot, in which she kicks hangry’s butt when a meeting gets messy. “Teacher Terror” is set in a school classroom in which a supervised exam is just too much to cope with on an empty stomach. “Hack your hangry with Jack Link’s, the protein packed way to feed your wild side.”

Jack Link's Jerky Hangry Hacks box

Hangry Hack-A-Thon

To demonstrate how anyone can perform Hangry Hacks anywhere, Jack Link’s is partnering with makers to create their own Hangry Hacks as part of a Hangry Hack-A-Thon, hosted by YouTube personality and competitive eater Furious Pete. The hacks were revealed during Maker Faire Bay Area, a three-day celebration of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, in San Mateo, May 20-22. The jerky creations and Maker Faire presence will be extended online through a video content series. Fans are able to vote for their favorite Hangry Hack on Jack Link’s social media channels.

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Hangry Hacks Credits

The Jack Link’s Jerky Hangry Hacks campaign was developed at Mekanism by executive creative director Ian Kovalik, associate creative director Ryan Paulson, art director/designer Philip Cheaney, copywriter Bryan Davis, CEO/President Jason Harris, head of production Kati Haberstock, senior producer Cordelia Kipp, director of brand management Caroline Moncure and senior brand manager Claire Fallon.

Filming was shot by director Benji Weinstein via Tool of North America with director of photography Eric Schmidt, executive producers Oliver Fuselier and Lori Stonebraker, and producer Jason Manz.

Editing was done at The Cutting Room Films by senior editor Chuck Willis, senior assistant Greg Ryan, executive producer Susan Willis, SFX producer Jun Mizumachi and audio engineer Walter Bianco.

Finishing was done at Light of Day. Colourist was Fergus McCall at The Mill.