I wish I had a Samsonite

Samsonite, the travel luggage company, has worked with their advertising agency Publicis Conseil to create Samswrap, a message with the potential to travel across the world. As one of the world’s leading, iconic travel brands, Samsonite make some of the strongest, lightest and most secure luggage in order to accompany voyagers on their travels. People are constantly on the move and Samsonite wanted them to spread the message that they can now opt for the next generation of suitcases. When people lack trust in their baggage they often use a plastic wrapping service before checking in their bags at the airport. A free wrapping service was offered to every traveller who didn’t own a Samsonite. The wrapping was designed with a clear message “I wish I had a Samsonite”. The travellers were happy to get a free wrapping and Samsonite was able to spread their product message everywhere. With over 1200 suitcases wrapped, the Samsonite Samsowrap message travelled to over 120 destinations around the world, showing travellers everywhere that the time has come to upgrade their luggage to a brand new Samsonite. The direct marketing event, with corresponding print advertising (Yellow, Green and Red Samsowrap examples), is a tactical complement to the hyper-mobility campaign deployed across Europe. To be continued in other airports around the world…

Samsonite Press yellow

Samsonite Press green
Samsonite Press red

Samsonite Credits

The Samsowrap campaign was developed at Publicis Conseil, Paris, by executive creative directors Marcelo Vergara, international creative director Steve O’Leary, copywriter Antoine Querolle, art director Bastien Bourdier, associate art director Matthias Geoffroy, producer Mathieu Chartier and Samia Charles, account managers Cecile Lejeune, Charlotte Garel, Clementine Finkel and Libby Little.

Filming was shot by director Florian Duboe via Prodigious with producer Pierre Marcus.

Post production was done at Prodigious by senior colourist Regis Oyer. Photographer was Herve Plumet.