I am that girl with Alessia Cara

Non-profit organization I AM THAT GIRL joins forces with 20-year old EP Entertainment/Def Jam Recordings global sensation Alessia Cara to create the “I AM YOU” empowerment campaign. The powerful message of Alessia’s new single “Scars To Your Beautiful” is the lynchpin behind her alliance with I AM THAT GIRL, the national movement that has been inspiring girls for the past six years to love, express, and be who they are through a global peer-to-peer community committed to creating a new norm for girl culture by raising the standard of how girls treat themselves. “I AM YOU” launches with a short video directed by Kim Jacobs, which delivers the meaningful message of empowerment, strength and inclusivity using a striking visual. The piece, which is narrated by Alessia and features a musical soundbed from her powerful self-anthem, reinforces the message that while we have our own unique stories, we are all connected by the universal truths that make us human. In the film, a rapid montage of girls of varied ages, sizes, and races flashes by, seamlessly composited together as if they are all speaking as one person, creating an extraordinary focal point for the singular voice that connects them all. Learn more at http://www.iamthatgirl.com/alessia

I Am That Girl - Alessia Cara

“Scars To Your Beautiful” was not only used for the film, but also inspired IATG and Alessia to create an action-focused curriculum for young women everywhere, to shift girl culture and help them transform self-doubt to self-love. The conversation kit, which is downloadable at iamthatgirl.com/alessia, centers around five primary interactive meeting topics, each cued by a lyric from “Scars.”

I am that girl - conversation kit
I am that girl - conversation kit - be the mirror

Jacobs shot around 50 young women over the course of one day, including a series of stills set to the playback track of the scripted voiceover. Most of the talent already were members of IATG chapters or volunteers, along with others who ended up taking the IATG pledge after wrapping the shoot.

“The stills were transcoded to feel like motion. Then the process of cutting between the faces required sensitivity, precision and a crazy amount of patience,” explains Jacobs. “Matching three girls blinking their eyes within a second of film is work for only warriors. We worked with the team at EXILE to fine-tune the edit until we finally struck the perfect balance of technique and humanity.”

I Am That Girl pledge

I am that Girl Credits

Filming was shot by director/creative/writer Kim Jacobs with writer Emily Greener, producer JP Mandarino, cinematographer Wyatt Troll, 1st AC Travis Daking, gaffer Robert Olivia, stylist Chrissy Morton, hair/make up artist Rachel Hoke, talent/AD PA Filippa Edenbro.

Editor was Tara Wall at Exile with assistant editor Joe DeWitt, producers Brittany Carson and Jennifer Locke, and executive producer CL Weaver.

Sound and music were produced at Lime Studios by Adam Primack with producers Susie Boyajan and Kayla Mashburn.

Finishing was done at Brewster Parsons. End titles were produced at Logan.