Google Project Jacquard

Google Project Jacquard has won the Product Design Grand Prix at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The project, launched in May 2015, features wearable fabric that is woven with conductive yarn or thread. Technology is thus woven into fabric, transforming everyday objects, like clothes, into interactive surfaces. Project Jacquard allows designers and developers to build connected, touch-sensitive textiles into their own products. Levi’s worked with Google to launch the first commercial product, an interactive denim jacket. The “Jacquard” name comes from the Jacquard loom, invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard at the beginning of the 19th century, simplifying the process of manufacturing textiles with such complex patterns as brocade, damask and matelasse. The new technology was launched at Google’s annual conference I/O, with an installation to demo the fabric, a website,, to show the progression of the technology, and a film to show the story and idea behind it.

Google Project Jacquard Levi jacket

Google Project Jacquard Credits

Google Project Jacquard was developed at Google Advanced Technology and Product Group (ATAP), London, led by project director Ivan Poupyrev and textile development and partnership lead Shisho Fukuhara.

Creative work on the promotion of Google Project Jacquard, including naming, shaping and positioning of the brand, was produced at Google Creative Lab by executive creative director Steve Vranakis with creatives David Bruno and Tom Seymour.

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